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Best Car Speakers

Are you looking for a car speaker of your choice for your car? If yes, then you are at right place. We have compiled a list of the 10 best car speakers for 2017.

Listening to music in any atmosphere, can help us relax, and make our time more enjoyable. It is the same for driving, listening to your favorite songs, while you are driving on that tiresome road or stuck in the traffic, can certainly raise your mood. And a best car speaker can provide that for you.

Car manufacturers, though, do not put a lot of work, in the car sound system, so most of the times you do not get quality sound from built-in speakers. And maybe it is even better to keep them turned off and somehow sustain.  But on everyone’s luck, as for everything in life, there is a solution for this as well. And it is called best car speaker.

Product created to improve sound quality in your vehicle, is a top pick if you really want to enjoy the time you spend in your car. If you decide to get yourself one, you might have a doubt, on which model should you pick, and that can sometimes can take a long time to choose. So we did the job for you, and now present you with top 10 best car speakers, currently available on Amazon market as well:

ImageBrandWeightFeaturePriceCheck Price
JL Audio C2-690TX8.8 pounds3-way speaker$$$
MTX Terminator6534.4 pounds3-way speaker$$
MM571 Kenwood Excelon KFC-X683C4.8 pounds2-way speaker$$$$$
Alpine SPR-697 pounds2-way coaxial$$
Rockford Fosgate P165-S5 pounds2-way speaker$
JBL GTO6385 pounds3-way pair$$$$
Kicker Cs545 pounds2-way style$$$$$
Polk Audio AA2571-A4.4 pounds6-full range systems$$$
Infinity Reference 6032CF5 pounds2-way series$$$
Pioneer A-Series TS-A6996R8.9 pounds5-way speaker$$$$$

10.JL Audio C2-690TX

For the last we leave for sure the best. This one is on a quite high note when it comes to budget, but believe us, if you really want to invest in your car and enjoyment, this is your best chance. The sound can easily transfer from being delicate, to drum bass, which adds to it’s awesomeness. And yeah, you guess it, we are talking about JL Audio C2-690TX Evolution model.

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide41v8Qo3rBHL

Audio Performance: So once you pay 150 bucks for a speaker, you probably expect it to rain money. And it does. With frequency response of 52 Hz – 22 kHz, it creates clean and full sound no matter what the volume is. Really low distortion even on the highest frequencies where you not feel a pain in your ears. Built-in crossovers also do an excellent job, with tones being played smoothly across the whole spectrum.

Power Handling: As the price proposes, it is amazing. RMS ranges from 15 to 125, with the peak power being 225 watts, which is more than enough, to produce awesome quality even on the highest volume. Also, the 4-ohm impendence distributes the sound evenly. Sensitivity is set at 93 dB per watt.

Design: A really unique and quality design. This 6×9-inch 3-way speakers do include rugged polypropylene cones, along with 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter, which improve the sound quality. Also woofer grilles for custom installations are included, and the mount depth is at 3.25-inch.

  • Awesome sound quality at any range
  • High power peak
  • Wide sound spectrum
  • Nice design

Overall: If you do not have some certain limits this is the best model of speaker you can pick. It includes everything you need, to enjoy each second on the road.

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9.MTX Terminator653

Before we close this article up, we have to bring one more average priced model, with a very good quality, to you. And it is one from MTX brand, which really knows how to produce a model that will not break the bank, still being able to produce sound in which one will enjoy, during travelling from point A to point B. One of the most present is the MTX Terminator653.

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide411xJzHTQjL

Audio Performance: For the price it costs, the woofer grill and tweeters, make for a clean and quality sound, at low and medium volume. Frequency can range from 54 Hz to 20 kHz.

Power Handling: Although it might not look like that at first sight, this speaker has a quite good sound distribution. The sensitivity is set to 89 dB, with RMS power being 2-45, while peak power is at 90 watts.

Design: A pair of 6.5-inch 3-way speakers is upgraded, with a polypropylene woofer cone, as well as the Mylar dome tweeter, and supertweeter. Mount depth is quite shallow, and also few of woofer grills are included, to make the sound even sweeter.

  • Clean sound on low and mid volume
  • Good frequency range
  • Quality design

Overall: For the price you are getting it, this is a product that you must be satisfied with. Of course there are better once, especially for higher volume sounds, but then you have to pay more as well.

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8.Kenwood Excelon KFC-X683C

If we compare internet reviews we can see that speakers from Kenwood Excelon series are one of the most favorite. And as one of the best models, KFC-X683C can be picked out, and we do agree, for few reasons:

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide41vsk5eP11L

Audio Performance: Due to PEI balanced dome tweeter, a very high-quality sound is established, with a lot of details, good bass, and low distortion. And the frequency is ranging from 80 Hz to 21000 Hz.

Power Handling: A power range of 2 to 60 RMS, and 180 watts peak power, is for sure not bad, for the price you are getting it at. Also the sensitivity is at 88 dB per one watt. And the distribution of sound is pretty equal.

Design: Unique design comes with this 6×8 inch 2-way speaker. ,,Diamond Array Pattern’’ carbon woofers, and PEI dome tweeters, as well as rubber surrounding, really improve the quality and longevity of this speaker.

  • Clean high quality sound
  • Low distortion
  • Excellent frequency range
  • Unique design
  • Longevity

Overall: Agreeing with the opinion you can probably get, researching the internet, this model is one of the best there are. It is good for any environment, with a really nice price, only big cone is that it cannot sustain the highest volume very well.

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7.Alpine SPR-69

This one is favorite for a lot of car enthusiasts, with some even thinking that it is the best stuff you can get your hands on, especially for the ones who like to kick their volume up high.

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide418Ee5SpCOL

Audio Performance: As we already said, this model is perfect for ones who like to kick it to the highest volume. Still due to the technology it has, the sound is clean and full even at the highest point, with frequency range being 60 Hz – 29000 Hz.

Power Handling: Like it a pair of speakers, it comes with RMS power handling at 200 watts, and peak power at almost 600 watts, which is unbelievable. The sensitivity is the regular one, set at 90 dB.

Design: These 6″ x 9″ 2-way coaxial speakers are designed in a really neat way, with the top mount depth of 2.7-inch. The unique design also brings multilayered fiber cone, which on itself delivers a strong bass. The surrounding is developed from Santropene rubber, while 1-inch silk tweeter dome settles smooth highs.

  • Really high power peak
  • Clean and full sound
  • Good distribution
  • Unique design
  • High frequency range

Overall: As already said it belongs into Top 3 speakers, when it comes to producing a clean high volume. It is really good for the ones who love to kick it up, or the ones who want to get an excellent quality speaker, without actually breaking the bank.

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6.Rockford Fosgate P165-S

So after two good quality low-budget models, we should mix it a little bit, and present another one on the higher budget notes. Rockford has been maintaining it’s reputation in car speaker industry, exactly by bringing the best combination of power and volume on the market. One of the better models is precisely the Fosgate P165-S, and now we are going to give you few important notices about it:

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide312By2mg3IiL

Audio Performance: As expected the sound quality is outstanding with frequency response ranging from 60 Hz the lowest to 22000 Hz at most. Also the mineral filled polypropylene cones give an even cleaner sound, with distortion being quite small, and the audio frequencies being quite crisp.

Power Handling: Power range is from 6 to 60 RMS, while is the peak power is at 120 watts. Sensitivity is set to 90.2 dB.

Design: This 2-way 6.5-inch speaker, has a matched motor magnetic and suspension design, making the mounting as easy as possible. It comes with 1-inch polyetherimide dome and tweeter, along with crossover woofer baskets built in.

  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Easy installation
  • Tweaking adjustment

Overall: This is one of the better models on the market, and most of the cons, depending on the environment, are minoritized, by other good functions that this model has.

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5. JBL GTO638

After we really kicked it up for the ones that want to save some money, but still enjoy themselves an excellent sound in their car, we want to present one more model, at even lower price, but really good quality as well. It is the JBL GTO638 3-way speaker.

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide51pk58Pr9xL

Audio Performance: It does not lack much on the sound factor. A very smooth and high quality sound due to JBL’s Plus technology that is being used. Also frequency range goes up to 20 kHz. And bass control is on it’s point as well, with low – Q woofer taking care of that.

Power Handling: The power peak here is quite lower than on the other models we presented, but it still not anything critical, as 180 watts, is sufficient enough for most occasions. Also, sound distribution is balanced through the 2-ohm impedance.

Design: This 6.5-inch 3-way pair of speakers comes with Patented Plus One woofer cone, and a good quality of tweeter, like the one in home theaters. Also the titanium tweeter level control is excellent for providing the wanted sound. Also it comes with a 2-inch mounting depth.

  • High quality
  • Clean sound
  • Controlled bass
  • Excellent woofer cone

Overall: This is an excellent product, coming from the brand that was once making speakers for halls, studios and concerts. A top pick for the ones that are wanting a good quality, with a almost unnoticeable price.

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4. Kicker Cs54 – Best Low Budget Speakers

After reviewing two speakers that are around 80 $ mark and one that is over 100 bucks, it is time to present something for the ones with a tiny budget, and Kicker brand is master when it comes to this. We are giving you Kicker Cs54, 5.25-inch coaxial speaker.

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide417OOIX2qnL

Audio Performance: The quality of the sound output this speaker has is incredible for the price you pay. I mean where else would you get frequency ranging from 45 Hz lowest to almost 20 kHz, that’s just outstanding. And that is not all. The frequency signature, is well regulated, so most of the times the sound is not muffled up, and distortion is low, due to 0.5-inch dom sizes.

Power Handling: The power handling comes with slightly below the capacity of the models that were previously presented, but still not bad. The capacity of 75 RMS watts, and a power peak of 225 watts. Also, there is a 4 ohms impendence to guarantee even distribution of that power.

Design: This speaker is designed in a regular 2-way style. One of the greatest pros of this speaker is the fact that it is so easily fitable into the vehicle. Also the cones are made from polypropylene and are 5.25-inches in size, while the doms of tweeters are 0.5-inch.

  • Excellent frequency range even for better priced models
  • Easy and fitable design
  • Low distortion
  • Balanced distribution of power

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3. Polk Audio AA2571-A MM571 – Best Light Weight Speakers

We already defined that you are probably tired of the distorted sound, that is getting emitted from your speakers. We also showed you two products that you can get for under 100$ and change that, so now we will present you one that is a bit more expensive, but the quality is risen as well. This one is developed by Polk Audio, a highly recognizable brand, in the world of car speakers, ensuring that every function is as good as it can be.

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide41jTMHrNfAL

Audio Performance: The sound on this one is an exceptional quality, with the frequency response ranging from 38 to 25000 Hz. Also sound is much less muffled, because of a wide smooth response, and lowered distortion.

Power Handling: Power handling is one of the determining factors, and this one really has it in it. The RMS power range is 15-90 watts, while the peak handling is at 200 watts. This means that, a lot of power is saved, compared to the regular built-in speakers. The sensitivity is set to 93 dB per one watt, and the system includes 3 Ohms.

Design: This 2-way speaker, has a really sweet design, with tweeters being 1-inch Dome, made from mix of silk and polymer. Woofer is made from glass fiber, while the surrounding is rubber. Also it is really lightweight which certainly is good.

  • Clean sound;
  • Quality woofer design
  • Crossover splits producing outstanding tone
  • Lightweight

Summary: A perfect speaker, from a world known brand, is the right pick for the ones, that have a little higher budget, and still do not want to invest in a huge speaker, that will slow their car down. Combination of high-quality design, audio and handling is the mix that is taking car speaker industry to the next level! 

Overall: This for sure is a great pick for the ones that are low on budget, and still do not want to miss out on the option to have a sound system in their car.

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2.Infinity Reference 6032CF – Awesome Sound Quality

Infinity is one of the most popular brands on the car speaker market for last few years. And that is not without a reason. With every model they develop, it gets better and better, with improved designs, audio quality as well as the power handling. Infinity Reference 6032CF made a big boom when it came on the market, so let’s check out few things that caused this:

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide31pUF2BiVsPL

Audio Performance: The sound quality in this one is pretty satisfying, considering that frequency response is 53-21,000 Hz, taking it to a next level. There are less distortions, which is certainly good, considering that the low frequency signature on Pioneer one was the biggest flaws,

Power Handling: This model packs a huge punch, with 180 watts at peak of the power, while mostly ranging from 2-60 RMS. Sensitivity is at 93 dB per 1 watt, and there is also a 2 Ohm impedance included in the sound system. The Plus One woofer, increases the audio production efficiency in combination with rubber surrounds.

Designs: This 6.5-inch speaker has an UniPivot edge-driven, textile tweeter, that allows further power handling and distortion reducing. Also possible swivel and tweeter adjusting, makes it easy to get the best sound quality possible

  • Fast and simple installation
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Exceptional handling
  • Good for low mounting

Summary: This one is the best for people who like compatible and non-confusing sound systems, that combine quality and the price. Also a great and simple design, which by itself improves the functionality of the product. Infinity have really outdone themselves this time!

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1. Pioneer A-Series TS-A6996R – Best Car Speaker for the money

At the upper part of our board are for sure Pioneer speakers from A-Series, as every speaker out of this series combines audio quality, loudness and exceptional handling. Each speaker also has multilayered mica matrix woofer, providing a low and mid range response.

As the car fanatics already know, one speaker might perform really good in one model and then not do so well in the other one. Pioneer A-Series gives you the best chance of not missing your pick, because of the already mentioned balance in features it has. So let’s review few factors that might influence your choice:

Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2017 | Buying Guide41eQxshPcHL

Audio Performance: By testing the frequency response, of TS-A6996R, playing a 20Hz to 20kHz tone, we came to few conclusions. The high and mid frequencies received A marks, while low ones got a B, simply because the frequency signature is not as flat as it should be.

Power Handling: The primary test for power handling, was checking the loudness. This was conducted with speaker being placed one meter from the woofer center, measuring how efficient is the speaker converting electricity to volume. From results that we got, we came to a conclusion, that this speaker is among the most effective, in this price/quality range.

Given on a simple example, if built-in car speaker, needed 100 watts to produce normal volume, TS-A6696R, would need exactly 50 watts, which for sure is a promising result. The only negative side of this is the less efficient power handling at 100 watts, but it is rarely needed at all to use that much power.

Design: There are two main options to choose from. If you would like to install your speaker in strategic locations, you might pick the one with the woofer cone and tweeters separated. Still this might call for customized installations, as some cars do not have built-in tweeter mounts. At the other side, you can have it the easier way, and simply replace the car built-in speakers with the once you just bought. You can choose a 2-way, 3-way, 4-way or 5-way speaker, determined by the number of drivers it has.

  • Awesome audio quality
  • Loud volume;
  • Good handling up to 100 watts
  • Various designs

Summary: If you want to upgrade your car speakers, this might be the best option for you. As already presented it has a lot of pros, like really good audio quality and high volume, and some cons, that are mostly minoritized by other features. Pioneer A-Series speakers are for sure the best in that price range, and you get awesome aesthetic upgrade to your car as well!

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Remember, no matter what model of the ten you pick, you are doing yourself a great favor by upgrading your car, and a big part of your life!

Best Car Speaker Buying Guide

How to choose the best car speaker?

So there are few things that you want to focus on once buying a car speaker:

  • Sensitivity – This basically determines how much power will speaker yield depending on the power. So if you have a system that is 15 RMS or less go for speaker, with higher sensitivity (dB per watt) and if you have a system with 16 RMS or more go for a speaker with lower sensitivity.
  • Power handling – This one is pretty simple yet crucial. It determines how much power your speaker can handle. What you need to look for when getting a speaker is that it has high RMS power, peak power matters as well, but RMS is more important.
  • Type – Also there are two types of car speakers a full range and a component speaker. So basically in a full range both woofer, tweeters, and midrange drivers come together, while in primary ones those are separated.
  • Material – When it comes to woofer you are looking for a lightweight material like polypropylene or synthetic coated with titanium. As of material for tweeter look for silk ones. And the surrounding should be made from a high-quality rubber.
  • Price – Last, but certainly not least is the balance of price and quality. Depending on how much you are willing to spend you can get surprised that you could find the same quality speakers at an entirely different price range.

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