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Best Car Wax

Do you want to make your car look awesome?

Then, you need the best car wax that can make your car shiny like when you bought it. Car wax will enhance your car shine, look prettier and protects it from dirt and pollution. It is nothing weird that your car gets a little bit dirty every time you drive it. Simple washing will not help to restore the shine. In this article, we will review the best car wax available in the market. Most of these car waxes are available in online stores like Amazon.

Best Car Wax on the Market:

How to Wax your Car: Quick Tips

Let`s look at the top car wax picks in detail.

10.Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray Wax

Let`s start with a pick that is developed by one of the greatest wax brands out there today, and it is Turtle. This actual name is recognized because it offers a big selection of products with decent quality. Ice Wax is for sure one of best, and it is pretty affordable as well.

Overview: As we already said it is pretty affordable, it comes in a 1
Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide41SsgUPjGtL-1 6oz bottle. This wax is a good pick because it is easy to apply, with a spray bottle it comes in. This wax can be applied to both rubber and plastic parts, creating an instant shine and not leaving any marks. Also, it can safely remove dust, water spots as well as some scratches that are not too deep.

Regular use of this wax can help secure the paint and shine your car had the first day you bought it. Overall, it is a good synthetic wax product, that can make your car looking pretty unharmed, while you are not harming your bank at all.

  • Easy to apply
  • Safely removes dust, spots
  • Good protection from UV

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9. Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax

Another one from a great brand indeed. Meguiar has more than a f
Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide41Agd2Btb7FL-1 ew really good waxing products, from all kinds, and when it comes to low-budget ones, this is the best.

Overview: Hydrophobic Polymer Technology that is included in this wax, can make your paint come alive, giving it a deep shine. This is the first great thing that we noticed. Almost identical to the previous one, it arrives in a 15.2 Oz bottle; it can be applied in direct sunlight, and leave no residues. You need only 15 minutes to wax your whole car. It is safe to apply on all surfaces that are painted, and once you have done that, the protection and water beading last for at least few weeks.

This synthetic wax, developed with a great formula, is a must buy, at least as a backup!

  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Deep shine
  • Long water beading protection

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8. Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax

After we have presented you with two low-priced waxes, we want to jump to a bit higher marks, but better quality as well. It is another one from Meguiar, but this time in paste, instead of a liquid form.

Overview: Developed with a ThinFilm technology, it is easy to apply and remove, even in hot summer. The quantity of wax is lower, because it comes
Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide515ktjoOWGL-5 in an 11 Oz box, in a paste form. Still, Meguiar claims that this wax gives their longest lasting protection, that increases durability and makes water beading almost impossible.

If you apply the product correctly, you should not have any worries about white spots that it can leave, as it does not. This is a great pick, for the ones who are fans of waxes in non-liquid form, and are not reluctant to spend a    little bit more money, to get a great quality product.


  • Diamond shine
  • Not leaving spots
  • Long protection

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7. Kevian Clean Quik Wax – Best Eco Friendly Car Wax

After presenting you few of synthetic waxes, we would be ashamed id miss out on some of carnauba waxes.

Overview: In our opinion, this product is simply incredible. The spray bottle itself is 24 Oz. It is considered as one of the best eco-friendly waxes, making the car shine bright like a diamond, with a deep reflection that it creates.

A guBest Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide413mPbsmcGL-3 arantee that there is no harm to the environment, while we are doing something good our car, is a huge boost, as the spray bottle itself is recyclable.

Made from Carnauba and bee wax mix, it can protect every automotive finish from those dangerous UV lights. You can apply it to your windows, wheels and rims as well, so dust does not build up. That is something great, right? An overall awesome product, with almost no cons, best for clean coat or black car owners!


  • Ecofriendly
  • Creates deep shine
  • Protects most automotive parts
  • Easy to apply

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6. Chemical Guys WAC20116 Butter Wet Wax

This one is a 100% carnauba wax, including an advanced protection formula, with a medium price tag, considering the quality.

Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide41qZfynVshL

Overview: First thing that we noticed is that this product was designed to be easily applied, giving extra protection in the process. The most convenient way is to use a soft cloth to spread it over the exposed painted parts. It also comes with an increased UVA and UVB protection, due to the new technology it uses.

Once you put on the wax, you can notice that it gives a really strong and unexpected shine. Chemical Guys provide this product both in a 16 Oz bottle, and in gallon one as well. Great pick for the ones that prefer only carnauba made waxes, that should not disappoint.


  • Easy to apply
  • Extra protection
  • Strong shine

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5. Meguiar’s G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax

The product that we are presenting you now, is often a favorite pick of DIY’ers, as it provides a beautiful glossy finish.

Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide4119kg14xlL-1

Overview: Same as the previous one, this synthetic wax can be really easily applied by using just a pad or rotatory buffer. It contains hydrophobic which makes any liquid slides off that comes into contact with this wax This means that there will be a very few to no water spots on your car. It even eliminates some scratches and provides excellent protection from UV damage.

When applying, Keep in mind to keep away from exterior trim, as any contact with it can cause serious stains. This synthetic new generation product is for sure going to satisfy your expectations especially considering the price you pay.


  • Provides great UV protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Strong water beading protection
  • Glossy finish

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4. Mothers 10016 Reflections Wax

With Mothers brand creating mostly high quality products, the price you are paying for this one will almost make you feel great.

Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide417hfiYL2nL-1

Overview: The first feature that you can notice, is that it can be easily applied and easily removed. Once you apply it to your whole vehicle, you get a deep just washed clean look, with paint looking as fresh as a new car!

Just be careful when applying this wax. If the wax comes into contact with any trim, it can leave hard stains. Also, this wax has mild cleaners in it so that it can clean any leftover residue from previous waxes.

The layer of this wax is average, leaving it to be most lasting under right weather conditions, because extreme temperatures tend to wear the layer down much quicker. If you are looking for a simple apply/remove, and yet excellent wax, this cannot be a miss!


  • Wet shine
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Removes residues
  • Can last long in regular weather conditions

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3. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax – Best Black Car Wax

This wax is great stuff! This is one more wax made with Carnauba-beeswax blend. The model we are just about to present you, had a 4.9 out of 5.0 average rating on online reviews, so we decided to try it out, and we can tell you that they were not wrong.

Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide51r2AQCxUbL

Overview: Made with the carnauba-bee wax blend, it comes in 6.2 Oz box, which is enough to wax your car several times. It is supposed to be a best wax for black cars on the market as well, so if you are an owner, there is no doubt for you. No matter where you put it, there are no stains.

We also came to a conclusion that it creates an amazing deep shine, and a glossy finish. A great product nonetheless, one of the best on market for sure, with only high price, preventing it from becoming the best.


  • Excellent for black cars
  • Deep shine
  • No stains

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2. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax – Best Car Wax for the Money

We think that there is no need to explain why we choose this product from Meguiar brand, to be the 2nd best on this list. Meguiar is world famous for creating a high quality waxes, with a low price, and with this one it is the same.

Overview:One more time, we are presented with an impressive
Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide51YpCNJYXJL-1 quality for a low price. Along with the wax, you get an applicator pad and microfiber towel, so you can apply it more easily. Also, there is no problem with using the wax, even in the highest heat. Due to polymers that it contains, a mirror-like shine is created, the water simply beads off the paint.

The protection, due to technology that has been used, can last for up to 6 months, for UV rays. It’s simple, buy this one, and do not think about anything else!


  • Low price
  • Easy to apply
  • Mirror-like shine
  • Water beading protection
  • 6 months UV ray protection

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1. Liquid Glass LG-100 Polish

This product will blow your mind! This wax will give you mirror like shine to your car. This one is not a wax, but a sealant, still it has the same features, and it is considered as one.

Overview: First, it is so simple to apply and to remove as well. If you
Best Car Wax of 2017 | Buying Guide51TtXNhDKBL-1 go and use it deep, it will leave a glossy finish, just like the time you first sat in your car. But unlike the wax that you might initially buy, this sealant cannot crack or become yellowish. What is interesting is that applying this sealant in full sun, is actually going to help it to bond quicker as well.

One more amazing fact is that it can last for up to 12 months on your vehicle, and if you apply more often, you are of course going to get better results. We will not say anything more, and let you get even more surprised, once you buy this one!


  • Low price
  • Glossy finish
  • No cracks
  • No stains
  • Bonds quicker in full sun
  • Lasts up to 12 months

Buy from Amazon

So we have given you our top 10 car waxes for this 2016. Now it is all up to you to choose one, depending on your preferences, and do a favor to yourself and your car!

Car Waxing Tips

  • Wash your car before you apply wax.
  • Car waxing takes time, especially if it is done by hand. Do it every two months.
  • Avoid applying wax in the sun. Do it in the garage or the shade.
  • Thinner is better for wax application
  • Car wax is made either from carnauba or synthetic. Carnauba car wax is more natural, better protection, harder to apply and has a shorter span.  Synthetic car wax lasts longer, easier to use, not that good of protection.
  • There are also colored waxes made incredibly to keep car color looking vibrant.
  • There are two techniques of applying: hand waxing (thinner layer, better control, it takes a long time to do it) or electric buffing (less time, more leverage, more options, it can wear off paint, costs more).

For more information on car waxing, Check this awesome article from Popular Mechanics: Car Detailing

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