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Best Loofah Sponges

Does your sponge bath become sticky, stinky and bacteria filled? Well for this, you need to have the best loofah sponge. Are you having the trouble of looking for a more reliable body sponge? And it seems like that is more than common with bad quality loofah sponges. First of all, it is not easy to pick out the one for your needs, as there are a lot of available at the market. Also, you need to look for sponges that will keep you safe from bacteria and skin diseases while at the same time taking care of the dirt in your body. As a result, we were searching the market and came up with ten best loofah sponges that fill in these criteria.

Top 10 Best Loofah Sponges

10. Pura Naturals Body Wash Sponge-Buffs

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Most noteworthy is this loofah sponge because it does not need to be sanitized. While other sponges are originally from synthetic materials with harsh toxins and additives, this Pura’s sponge is a plant based scrubber. Also, it cleans and rejuvenates, making the skin soft and smooth without any harmful substances.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee to all its customers who get unsatisfied with this product.

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9. Bergman Kelly Exfoliating loofahh Pads (4 Pack)

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Another one that is from natural loofah fiber backed with terry cloth fabric. As a result, its elastic band snugly fits in any size of hands thus providing a comfortable and firm hold. Also, it reduces blemishes and skin irritations like mesh pads can.

Furthermore, this product has some therapeutic benefits of improving blood circulation, helping reduce acne, releases stress and leaves you relaxed.

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8. Loofah Bath Sponge Set of 3 different colors (70 gram each) by á la paix

Best Loofah Sponges of 2017 | Buying Guide510M1uOfG3L First of all, this loofah sponge is perfect for exfoliating the skin and produces a soft touch. At the same time, it is made from a quality material which is not only beautiful but also holds up well and creates the great lather.

Also, this product has a long handle for gripping and holding. Also, it comes in three different colors for you to choose from plus it is backed up by a 30-day guarantee.

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7. Buddha Bath 3 Pack of Luxury Bath Sponges Eco-Friendly Large Mesh loofahh Pouf 2 Deluxe Color Options

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Since this loofah sponge is from different recycled materials, it  can also be recycled after use. Therefore, it is super plush and soft while at the same time providing exfoliation in your skin.

As a result, its soft spa netting creates a rich lather and suds plus it gently clean and rejuvenate your skin and is easy to keep dry because it has a hanging cord.

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6. Eco-friendly Mesh Bath and Shower Sponge, (6-pack) loofahh-loofah-loufa-luffa-pouf

Best Loofah Sponges of 2017 | Buying Guide51vol9qR3JL

First of all, this six pack loofah sponge is very economical and at the same time gently exfoliates the skin and result to a smooth and soft complexion. Furthermore, it is made from recycled materials and is very eco-amicable. Also, it is designed to engender a rich lather from a scintilla of body soap or shower gel.

Finally, the profits made from this product are given to charity by the manufacturer, and yet they still provide an excellent warranty.

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5. Aquasentials Small Mesh Pouf (8 Pack)

Best Loofah Sponges of 2017 | Buying Guide51dwW7DIshL

First of all, this Aquasentials loofah sponge is a palm size which can do a great cleansing in the skin.

Also, it can create great lather in combination with any shower gel and comes in assorted bright colors of white, pink, blue, red, green, orange, yellow and purple.

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4. Kiloline Exfoliating loofahh Pads-2 Pack 100% Natural Luffa and Terry Cloth Materials loofah Sponge

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Since this loofah sponge from Kilo line is from 100% natural loofah and terry cloth materials, it is nontoxic and gentle to the skin. Also, it helps exfoliates and removes hardness of the surface thus producing a soft and smooth skin.

Furthermore, this is ideal for men and women for shower use and is probably better to soak in water before use.

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3. Loofah Bath Sponge set of 6 colors (50 gram each)

Best Loofah Sponges of 2017 | Buying Guide51mk8AF24qL

First of all, this loofah sponge will most of all leave your skin soft and smooth. Also, it is sweet to the touch but rough enough to give you soft and silky skin.

Since it is from quality material, this one holds up very well and creates a nice lather. In conclusion, this product comes in 6 different colors.

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2. Exfoliating loofahh Back Scrubber By Deneve

Best Loofah Sponges of 2017 | Buying Guide51AooM4jg7L

Since this Deneve loofah sponge is very flexible, it makes it easy to exfoliate hard to reach areas of your body, especially your back. As a result, this is the perfect way to clean your back without too much effort.

Therefore, this product is recommend by dermatologists and other health professional for it is a very helpful solution in fighting skin problems. Finally, this product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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1. MY Konjac Sponge All Natural Korean Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Best Loofah Sponges of 2017 | Buying Guide51PKf62uKeL

Since then, MY Konjac loofah sponge is one of the toughest among other sponges in the market it is rated as a top seller as well. First of all, this product was made from South Korea and manufactured using naturally sustainable and 100% biodegradable materials. Furthermore, it can gently exfoliate the skin and cleanses skin pores as well.

Also, it can speed up your metabolism and promotes cell growth and eliminates the existence of blackheads, dirt and oil plus it gently massage the face.

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Best Loofah Sponge Buying Guide:

What to look for on the best loofah sponge?

So when buying a loofah sponge there are few things that you might want to look for:
  • Softness – First of all, this one is crucial as no one wants to scrub hard stuff against their skin, and this way it is good for more sensitive skin as well.
  • Size – You would rather not want to buy a loofah sponge that you later cannot fit in your hand. Therefore, look for medium sized ones with an elastic strap.
  • Conventional – Look for a loofah sponge that cleans out dirt and dead cells from your skin, while you still can wash the sponge down after you have finished.
  • Durability – First of all, look for a loofah sponge that does not fall apart after few uses. Hence it seems like this is not hard as you can judge that as soon as you feel a loofah sponge.


Finally, with the help of the best loofah sponge that you will likely to use during your bath time, you can have a clean and germ free skin. Also, the loofah sponge will significantly help your skin exfoliate and attain the white complexion that you always dreamed off. So, if you always want to stay fresh and clean all day long, use the best loofah sponge during your bath time.

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