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Best Motorcycle Battery

Are you a motorcycle fanatic? Well if the answer is yes, you probably know the importance of having the best motorcycle battery. One might believe that there is no pressure in choosing one, but on the contrary, the wrong pick can make you regret about your decision. This article will focus on the list of currently best motorcycle batteries available in the market.

9. UPG UBCD5745

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201731iv8vtB0OL There is no need to talk about this motorcycle battery a lot, because it simply does what it is supposed to do, with you getting the best quality there is for a small price. Firstly, this sealed lead acid battery rarely creates any problems regarding fit or size.

It is 7.13-inch in length, 3-inch in width, and it is 6.5-inch in height, making it compatible with almost any motorcycle model.

According to product description, this model has a 4-year average life-span, and we cannot deny that, as more than few people have reported, that even after 2/3 years, the battery is still working like a charm. For the price you get it at, the
capacity of 12 V, 18 AH is pretty good, although not perfect. Also it is spill, as well as leak-proof, so there is no need to worry. All in all the great battery, that we would recommend to any average motorcycle user, not looking for something off the charts, and still getting an excellent quality.

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8.Chrome Battery – YTX12-BS

After starting off, we will give another motorcycle battery model for ones on a low-budget, but still with good quality. When it comes to this terms, we think that YTX12-BS is the right choice.

Features:Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201741hluvc3GbL

  • Chrome Battery, 120 Watts
  • Maintenance Free and Fully Charged
  • Sealed Lead Acid and AGM Design Prevents Leaks and Corrosion
  • Unmatched 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with an Exceptional 18 Month Warranty

YTX brings us a high-quality maintenance-free battery, that is compatible with a lot of motorcycle models. It weighs around 8.5 pounds, with other dimensions being 5.9 x 3.4 x 5.1 – inches.

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7.Yuasa YTX14-BS

Yuasa surprises the market every time they develop a new model, and the same was with this YTX14-BS. Being able to use it for multiple years, without needs of maintenance services, is a huge boost towards making this pick.

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201751r3JG5reFL.SL160 Features:

  • 12 Volt maintenance-free battery
  • Totally sealed and spill-proof 
  •  You will not need to add water at any point
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology hold its specific gravity more than 3 times longer than conventional batteries.

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It has a significantly lower weight, than the Yuasa for Japanese motorcycles, being just 11 pounds, where other dimensions are 6 x 3.4 x 5.8 – inches. The power is more than solid, as voltage is 12 V, with 12 amps per hour possible, and also contains 200 cold cranking amps, which for is good.

A great pick if you want to get something at moderate price, with very good quality.

6.Yuasa YUAM320BS

Another one from the worldwide known Japanese brand. This model, though, is more of a custom pick as it is perfect for Yamaha or Kawasaki owners, and a little bit of a higher price mark, comparing to the previous one, but the quality rises with it as well.

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201751Perd9gr2BL.SL160-1 Features:

  • 12 Volt, 18 amp-hour, 270 cold cranking amps, maintenance-free battery
  • Totally sealed and spill-proof – all acid is absorbed in special plates and absorbed glass mat separators
  •  You will not need to add water at any point
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology
  • Battery supplied dry with acid bottle


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As we already mentioned this one is the best for the Japanese motorcycles, but it can fit in most other motorcycles as well. Dimensions on this battery are 9.1 x 7.8 x 5.7 – inches, with it weighing around 15 pounds. This battery comparing to the previous one is a dry charge maintenance free, considering that you only need to add supplied acid before charging, and let it drain for about 20 minutes.

A great pick nonetheless, for the ones with a higher budget, looking to invest in a quality battery that will not disappoint.

5.Battery Tender BTL14A240C

It is the time that we present you one model that is for high-budget customers, and that is the BTL14A240C developed by Battery Tender.

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201741vT5EjmKBL-1 C
omparing to the lead acid batteries, this lithium iron phosphate one can last even 5 times longer. It is for sure a fantastic battery, considering its small size, having a high 5.3 x 3.6 x 2.5 – inches length-width-height balance, and weighing just over 2 pounds.

This particular factor makes it easy to fit in almost every battery box, and it is flexible in terms of mounting, turning installation process into an easy job.

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4.Harley Davidson HDX30L

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201751O4ANaRhL This one is made especially for Harley Davidson vehicles, because when you use a premium quality motorcycle, you should have an appropriate battery as well. It comes with Absorbed Glass Mat technology, which makes this battery easy to mount and gives it spill, leak-proof feature as well.

The dimensions are 6.6 x 5.2 x 6.9 – inches, while it weighs around 23 pounds. Also it contains heal, and also stainless steel bolts are included. For all you Harley Davidson fanatics, this one is a non -miss!

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3.Odyssey PC680-P

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201751sh4EuDUL This battery is created for the ones, which are driving on roads where the battery might be exposed to extreme vibrations and temperature. This is basically like a Spartan warrior, in the world of batteries, almost impossible to break through.

Yes, we are talking about Odyssey PC680-P.

What makes this battery so unbreakable? Well it is the tightly packed pure lead plates design, which basically leaves no room for any type of leakage, under various conditions.

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It also has twice the power and three times the battery life than conventional ones. Going up to 400 cycles at eighty percent discharge, making for a total of 170 CCA, and allowing high levels of voltage to spread evenly, is not bad, you must agree. Amperage is at 16 AH, and Voltage is at 12 V. Also it recharges quickly, in just under 6 hours.

It is also easy to install and mountain flexible. The amazing thing is that it can last for up to 10 years, where Odyssey provides a 2-year full replacement warranty, and 3-10 of service life, making it easy on customer’s time and money.

Bottom line, this is a high quality product, where you might even get more than what you have paid for, excellent for the extreme motor sport fans!

2.Ballistic Performance EVO2

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201731M7WjRdveL Before presenting you the last one, we will give you one on a high note. The model that we are now showing is of sophisticated technology one, created for Motorcycles, ATV’s and Jet Skies.

It is the Ballistic Performance EVO2.

This 16 cell makes it use its full power and capacity when needed. Battery constructed from lithium is almost unbreakable, leaving no room for spillage and leaking. And it is also temperature-proof at extreme conditions. Also the power of 500 cranking amps, is off the charts, while it does not waste that much of a battery while it is used, so there is
no special charger required. The dimensions are 12 x 12 x 12 – inches, with the weight being at 4 pounds.

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Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 2017best 1.Yuasa GYZ32HL – Best Motorcycle Battery

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews | 201741ny3N23ZZL-1 Before we finish this article, we would like to meet you with the model that has a weight of just 1.6 ounces, which is unbelievable, but still has incredible strength.

Another fantastic product comes from this Japanese brand. It is made for any vehicle, be it a street one or a snowmobile. Again, the first feature that we notice is the maintenance-free, that comes in most Yuasa models, which for sure is a good thing. It also has an extraordinary power with 12 V, 32 AH, and amazing 500 cold cranking amps.

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There is no room for fear of spillage or leakage, as all acid is absorbed in solid plates, and glass mat separators. Also the lead-calcium technology makes the gravity hold up for up to 3 times more than other batteries. It also has a short charge time, and a long warranty. Overall, the price is high yeah, but the quality you get is unbelievable.

In the end, we want to tell you, that no matter how much you pay and what model you choose, just pick wisely and think it through, because what heart is for living beings, that is the battery for motorcycles!


ImageBrandSizeWeightPriceCheck Price
UPG UBCD57457.13 x 3 x 6.5 inches12 pounds$$
5.9 x 3.4 x 5.1 inches8.5 pounds$
Yuasa YTX14-BS6 x 3.4 x 5.8 inches11 pounds$$$
RBC7 EXP121807.1 x 6.6 3 inches24 pounds$$$
Yuasa YUAM320BS9.1 x 7.8 x 5.7 inches15.1 pounds$$$$
Battery Tender BTL14A240C
5.3 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches3.9 pounds$$$$
Harley Davidson HDX30L6.6 x 5.2 x 6.9 inches23 pounds$$$$

Odyssey PC680-P7.3 x 3.1 x 6.7 inches15.4 pounds$$$$
Ballistic Performance EVO212 x 12 x 12 inches3.9 pounds$$$$$
Yuasa GYZ32HL8.5 x 7 x 5.5 inches24.9 pounds$$$$

Best Motorcycle Battery Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle battery types:
  • Lead/acid – This one is probably the most standard type there is, needing to be filled with acid, that does not come with the battery. After you fill it you need to check acid levels every month and add distilled water if necessary, as it is corrosive. These ones lose their charge over certain time as it is like to become covered in sulphate crust.
  • Self-sealed maintenance-free – these are delivered already 70 % charged and needed to be filled with acid that is supplied with the battery. After you fill it, you should not open at all.
  • Factory-sealed maintenance free – This one is common in newer motorcycles, as it comes already 70 % charged and factory-sealed, making it easier to fit in.

How to choose the best motorcycle battery:

  • Riding style – It is important to determine whether you will ride the motorcycle almost every day or just occasionally, as for the latter you might need to get longer lasting ones.
  • Cost – Research similar batteries, and see if the price is similar as well, as certain brands tend to put a higher price on same quality battery.
  • Power ratings – Consult with your seller to see how much volts does your motorcycle need. Larger ones are usually good with 12 V, while 6 V is enough for smaller models.
  • Drain – Automatic draining even when not used is around 1 %, lowering the battery life, so you might want to select a battery that can be recharged, especially if you are not a frequent rider.

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