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Best Pink Motorcycle Helmets – Buying Guide

It’s not just men who enjoy riding motorcycles. In fact, there are a growing number of women who are getting into the sport. Trying to cater to the fairer sexy, and best pink motorcycle helmets they can have as they begun to make helmets just for this part of the biker community.

In addition to being pink, all of these motorcycle helmets are well constructed and designed to keep the rider safe. The models on this list come in a range of layout, such as half helmet, close face, modular, and a choice for little girls. We did some research and found some of the best pink motorcycle helmets on the market.

ImageBrandWeightRatingPriceCheck Price

1Storm5 pounds3.0 out of 5.0$

LS24.3 pounds4.9 out of 5.0$$

Matte Pink4 pounds4.6 out of 5.0$

GLX2.1 pounds4.5 out of 5.0$

TCMT/5.0 out of 5.0$

1Storm – Best Modular Pink Motorcycle Helmet

Best Pink Motorcycle Helmets of 2017 | Buying Guides412tMtoRY5L

The first pink helmet on our list is the modular helmet made by 1Storm. This is a well-constructed head covering that is lightweight and well priced.

This is a modular helmet, which is becoming the most popular choice for riders. The modular units give the rider an opportunity to wear the helmetin either an open or closed face position. Wear the visor down in the closed face position in wind and bad weather to preserve vision. You can also just press a button on the side to raise the screen to an open position for more air flow.

And the shell is made with a thermoplastic alloy shell, which makes it lightweight and durable. The big round cap will keep you well protected. Also, there are two lenses in the visor. The inner smoke shield will keep out the rays of the sun, and the bright inner shield protects the rider from wind and rain.

As for the reviews, this one received a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. Customers loved the way it felt and the fact that it was so lightweight. They also said that the flip open mechanism works great and like that the inner padding is washable. The only negative marks say that the helmets run small.

Overall, this is perfect for women looking for a cute modular helmet. It’s comfortable and easy to keep clean, which is why we recommend this for anyone.

  • Flips Open Easy
  • Washable Fabric
  • Comfortable

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LS2 – Best Open Face Pink Motorcycle Helmet

Best Pink Motorcycle Helmets of 2017 | Buying Guides51fKuyJx2B8L

The next cap on the list is an open face helmet made by LS2. This is a great head covering for any woman looking for a safe, stylish cap.

This is an open face cap with a graphic that includes beautiful pink and purple flowers. In addition to being so stylish, this hat is made to keep the rider comfortable. There is a four point strap that will hold the device firmly in place.

The three-quarters design covers the top and sides of the head with a clear visor on the front. This shield can be worn up so the rider can get good air flow or down to protect them from the weather. This clear shield is optically correct for the best visibility. It also has a built-in sun protection to keep the sun out of your eyes. Both of these shields can be removed at any time.

Also, this cap is made with a composite plastic shell to keep the rider safe. The helmet is easy to secure with a chin strap that has four points, so it stays on comfortably. In addition to these features, the material on the inside cane removed and washed to keep the helmet clean.

And customers gave this helmet great reviews, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. They love the range of visibility the shield provides and that both shields are removable for easy cleaning. They also like that the liner in removable for quick cleaning. The negative comments say that this helmet runs small.

Overall, this is a great helmet for any woman. It gives riders a big, open window and is comfortable to wear.

  • Excellent Visibility
  • Liner Washable
  • Versatile Face Shields

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Matte Pink – Best Full Face Pink Motorcycle Helmet

Best Pink Motorcycle Helmets of 2017 | Buying Guides51lgEs0rNsL

We chose this Matte Pink helmet for the beautiful design on the exterior and the first construction. This cap is safe and will make a great accessory for any biker.

And this is an excellent choice for any lady looking to get a safe helmet. The shell is made from thermoplastic composite plastic that’s reinforced with fibreglass. This ensures the rider stays safe and cool for hours of riding.

This cap comes with an open face design. The full face model is a full helmet that covers the top, sides, along with the face and mouth of the rider. There is a shield in the front that can be flipped open to allow for more air flow.

In addition to thermal plastic, this cap comes with a unique ventilation system to keep air flowing through the head covering at all times. The inside of this helmet comes covered with comfortable padding that can be removed and washed. Also, it stays firmly in place with the adjustable D-rings and a chin strap that buttons in place.

As for the reviews, this one got 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. They stated that the helmet was comfortable due to the excellent ventilation. They also loved the flower, butterfly design of this cap. The negative comments say that the padding is a tad too big.

Any woman looking for a beautiful new accessory should try this one for sure. This is a cool looking helmet made for the comfort of the rider.

  • Well Vented
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful Design

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GLX – Best Pink Motorcycle Half Helmet

Best Pink Motorcycle Helmets of 2017 | Buying Guides41lJtcqvImL

The final adult size helmet made the list for the unusual design on the exterior and the comfort it gives the rider. This is a beautiful helmet that will get you stand out in the crowd.

Also, this GLX model is a half mask. These type of caps only cover the head of the rider, with a chin strap that keeps the device in place. They offer the rider with the most airflow as only the top of the head is covered by plastic.

Additionally, this cap has a low profile design with a cool graphic that includes hearts and butterflies. The lining on the interior is comfortable and easily removed for a quick wash. And it’s kept firmly in place with a D-ring chin strap.

This cap gives the rider a tonne of options if they do want a visor. The cap comes with a sun shield that can be detach at any time. There is also a bright screen that can be worn when the weather turns nasty.

And reviews for this cap are good, with customers giving the head covering a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Customer loved the design and said the cap was well constructed. And they love how comfortable it is. On the downside, consumers thought that this head covering was a little too thick.

  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful Design
  • Well Constructed

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TCMT – Best Youth Size Pink Motorcycle Helmet

Best Pink Motorcycle Helmets of 2017 | Buying Guides51EbsGXSnVL

This model made the list so that all the ladies could find the perfect helmet. This TCMT colourful youth helmet comes with gloves and a face mask for full protection.

And this helmet is a modular design to keep little girls safe on the bike. It can flip open to going from full face to open face in seconds quickly. It also has a sleek look with graphics that little girls will love. The accompanying gloves and mask come in complimentary pink and black colours for a complete look.

This model is well vented to offer air flow for hours of fun. Also, the face shield that can be easily detached offers UV protection to keep out harmful UV rays.

Additionally, this cap got excellent ratings with consumers giving it a 4.7 out of 5.0. Customers say that it fits well and is very sturdy. The negative comments mentioned that the padding on the interior is a little too thin.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for little girls. It’s well constructed to offer great protection with a cute design on the outside that girls love.

  • Well Constructed
  • Great Fit

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What To Look For When Choosing The Best Pink Motorcycle Helmet

As with any helmet, there are several things to look for when it comes to choosing the one that’s right for you. Here are the factors to think about when buying the best pink motorcycle helmet:

  • Fit – There are a variety of different types of helmets on the market. Riders can choose a full coverage option, such as the full face or go with a half helmet if they want more air flow. Find the option that is best suits your needs.
  • Construction – This is one of the most important factors to consider. You’ll want to get a big helmet that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The cap should make from a composite plastic that is lighter but will hold up no matter what.
  • Comfort – Riders who are on the bike for extended periods of time know this is important. Choose a helmet that’s right for you. People who ride for longer periods will want a well-ventilated cap to keep them fresh and dry. So choose the one with good padding and an excellent ventilation system.
  • Looks – This is a factor that all women are looking at when selecting a helmet. We chose some of the most fantastic pink helmets on the market. Find the design that fits with your personal style.

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