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Best Windshield Wipers

Are you the type of person that goes everywhere with your car? Well, if this is you, then you’ve definitely noticed that your car is constantly exposed to the tough conditions nature throws at you. And because of this, you should provide your car with the best windshield wipers on the market.

So no matter the season, bugs and rain often end up on the windows of your car. And windshield wipers just smear it instead of wiping the debris away. Therefore, you’ll want to get a windshield wiper blade that will last long, while still serving its purpose. We can help you find the best windshield wipers with these factors at a reasonable price as well.

Now, you must admit that the market is pretty large when it comes to this type of product . So we decided to do some research and came up with the best wipers that are currently on the market.

Why Should You Buy The Best Windshield Wiper?

First of all, most people do not realize that having a good quality windshield wiper is a primary necessary for anyone concerned with safety. If you find yourself in the middle of the road during heavy rain or snow, you want to have the best visibility possible.

And windshield wipers are in charge of that. That’s why having a durable and a sharp blade is a must. You should keep in mind that dust and debris do break down rubber edges. So you’ll want to replace them often to have a clear view.

Furthermore, you want to have a functional windshield wiper at all times. If your car goes under inspection, it might very well fail because of blunt wipers. Make sure to have good wipers at all times.

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Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide41WGRKoi1jL-1 Bosch

FX Dual Rubber
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Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31sP1gn9GdL-1 Rain-X
Synthetic Rubber
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Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide41an9kQCbFL AERO
Blended Rubber
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Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31h9L1aV2BIL ANCO
DuraKlear Rubber
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Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31tJNR7FAxL-1 Valeo
Tec3 Rubber
Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guidetall-check
Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31NeimfqspL Michelin
Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guidetall-check
Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31r2uxOEjL TricoHigh-Glade Rubber
Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guidetall-check

Bosch 26A ICON – Best Windshield Wiper For Durability

Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide41WGRKoi1jL

The main reason we’re presenting you this one, aside from being a top seller, is because it’s made to last much longer than other higher priced models. Also, it’s developed by a worldwide recognized brand which certainly adds to it’s quality.

First of all, this blade is made from high FX dual rubber material that gives it a 40 % longer life span. Also, the chance of it breaking down is really small because it resists any weather condition.

It is top-notch during both the cold winter and the hot summer, as it will not crack in any way. As for the design, the beam is built to provide you with the highest visibility even when the weather is extreme.

And the weight is evenly distributed across the whole blade. Because of this even pressure across the windshield, you can be assured that the windows will be cleaned evenly. Thus, you will be provided with clean and deep performance. In addition, it fits almost any vehicle as the tensions across the blade are a custom fit.

Furthermore, this model comes in 12 sizes, ranging from 13 to 28 inches, making it good both for back and front windows. The blades are easy to install as they do not contain brackets or hinges. And because of the design, it makes less noise even at the highest speed.

As it is able to take snow, dust, and high heat you are sure to get high quality performance for a long time. This blade will save you a lot of money that you would waste on replacing lesser quality blades.

If we take a look at online reviews and ratings, we can see that it is rated pretty high at 4.5 out of 5.0. The customers that are satisfied say that it does an excellent job of providing clean windows, even at extreme conditions, and that it is easy to install. On the other hand, those that are not that happy say that it often leaves a watermark or a streak and that it does not fit every car.

In conclusion, we can say that this one is an excellent blade, especially for the price you’re paying. It’s both durable and reliable!

  • Dual  Rubber Material
  • Sustainable To All Weather Conditions
  • Even Pressure
  • Quiet

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Rain-X Latitude – Best Windshield Wiper All round

Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31sP1gn9GdL

Another blade that is rated among top sellers on Amazon is the Rain-X Latitude, made of the highest quality material.

First of all, it’s smooth and gentle to the window surface, providing a performance that is streak free. Also, it provides protection from snow or ice build up and can sustain high heat as well.

The material, it is made from a graphite coated rubber that supplies it with a longer lifespan as well. You do not have to worry about your windows getting damaged as it will not clatter. But you will still be getting an amazing visibility even in the toughest conditions.

Furthermore, it’s really conventional as it comes in 10 sizes, ranging from 16 to 28 inches. Again these blades are available for both the front and side windows. The installation is easy, just have to follow the instructions. Also, it comes with a J hook which means it fits most car types.

As already stated, this blade is amazing, it will keep your windows clean while staying strong in both the winter and summer. The shape of the blade allows a tighter fit and it provides an even pressure. This wiper still performs at high quality even when going higher speeds. And same as the previous, model it will provide less noise than some other models.

To top it off, this blade is also reversible so you can remove it, turn it around and then use it again. This wiper lasts longer, so that you’ll be able to save your money.

Taking a look at online reviews and ratings, we can see that it got a 4.1 out of 5.0 and in our opinion that is not enough. The satisfied customers say that it cleans well, especially in the rain and dust and durable. The customers that gave it 1 or 2 stars say that it has a problem when it cleans snow and that it’s not what they were looking for.

Overall, this is a great all around windshield blade and it fits most cars. Just keep in mind, that if you are living in a place that is often exposed to heavy snow, you might want to search for a stronger blade!

  • Fits Most Cars
  • No Metal Exposure
  • Strong Graphite Rubber
  • Durable

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AERO Premium All-Season – The Best Windhshield Wiper For The Money

Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide41an9kQCbFL

This blade is a great pick for anyone that has a car that was developed in the past few years. These are developed to be a direct replacement to the original blades at a reasonable price.

First of all, it will fit any car, though it is the best for newer models. This, for sure, is a great boost when it comes to it being conventional. Plus it comes in a great range of sizes that go from 13 to 28 inches.

Also, the quality of the rubber material and the way it’s designed adds both to the durability and the high performance. It’s almost impossible that this blade will get stuck in snow or that it will break down because of debris and dust.

Also, it provides streak free movements so you do not have to worry that it will damage your windows. And it also provides you with great visibility. Other than that, it runs relatively quiet and wind lift is reduced with this wiper. Furthermore, it prevents ice and snow build-up.

But there is a small con related to this, and that is that it can break down pretty fast if you constantly use it on ice. So this blade might not be the best choice if your windows are often iced over. Other than that, the manufacturer says that it should last for at least one year with no problems.

As for the online reviews and ratings, it is one of the better rated models with it being 4.5 out of 5.0. The customers that are happy say that it is pretty durable and provides clean windows with smooth moves, while still being easy to install. And the ones that are not that satisfied mostly complain about it breaking down from ice.

Finally, we can say that this is one of the best windshield wipers currently on the market. It serves its purpose and it will last you for a long time.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Cleans Well
  • Durable
  • Prevents Snow And Ice Build Up

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ANCO 31 Series – Best Windshield Wiper For A Budget

Best Windshield Wipers of 2017 | Buying Guide31h9L1aV2BIL

At the end of our list we want to present you a great windshield wiper that might be the best pick for those with a low budget.

First of all, this blade is made of really good quality material. This wiper is constructed from DuraKlear rubber. A blade developed from this type of rubber can provide you with excellent visibility even in the worst conditions.

Also, it’s designed to fit almost any car, especially because of the adapters that it contains. And it is easy to install, you just have to follow the instructions and it snaps right on.

Furthermore, it’s pretty conventional because it comes in 16 different sizes, ranging from 10 to 28 inches. This is excellent for a model that has this low of a price. It also provides a tight fit to the windshield and the pressure is even, so there should be no water marks or stains left.

Also, it works excellent at higher speeds as well and the chance of it damaging your windows is low. It’s recommended that the blades are changed every six months. If you don’t, debris or dust might collect and your blades will break down. Furthermore, if you do not clean the ice off your windows before you use it, they will need the blade will need to be replaced more often.

If we take a look at the online reviews and ratings, we can see that it got a mark of 4.0 out of 5.0. The satisfied customers say that the quality that you get for the price is amazing. On the other side, the customers that are not that satisfied say that it does not last very long.

If you’re on a budget and still looking for a high quality blade, this is the one to get.

  • Cleans Thoroughly
  • Fits Most Cars
  • Comes In Various Sizes
  • Low Price

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We provided you with a few models that are the best on the market both in our opinion and according to online ratings. Now it is your turn to get yourself one and be sure to drive safe!

Best Windshield Wipers Buying Guide

Types of Best Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Conventional – The most common design is with a metal frame and a rubber strip. This works well on new cars are emerging on the market. These might not fit older cars, plus they are easily stuck in ice or snow.
  • Beam – This type is recognized by the curve in the middle. Therefore, there is almost no chance that it will get stuck in snow or ice. Furthermore, this type lasts longer, but it’s not as quiet as the conventional one.
  • Hybrid – A hybrid combines both the beam and conventional features. It has a slight curve with a modified frame to it. These are quieter than the beam ones but have a better performance than the conventional wiper. Also,these are a bit higher in price.

How to Choose a Windshield Wiper Blade

So when buying a windshield wiper you might want to focus on few things:

  • Durability – First of all, you want to look for a blade that is durable to last for at least a year. This way you will be saving yourself both money and time. So make sure that the blade you’re getting is made from a high quality rubber and that it won’t get stuck easily in snow or ice.
  • Pressure – Be sure that your blade is designed to put even pressure on the windshield so the chances of water marks or stains is minimal.
  • Fit – Of course the most important factor is that it fits your vehicle. Be sure to check the available sizes because some are better for newer and some for older cars.
  • Loudness – Your best chance is to find a windshield wiper blade that is quiet while still providing good performance. Also, getting a blade that reduces wind lift is recommended.

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