Best Basketballs of 2017 – Top 10


Best Basketballs

Do you like to play basketball? We do as well. It’s one of the most dynamic team sports there is. And for this sport, you need to have the best basketball so you can have the best game. And to get the full experience, you have to have a good ball, no matter if you are playing outdoors or indoors. There are a lot of famous brands on the market. Some are made for NBA and some for European basketball competitions, making it hard to choose the right one. We decided to do a little search and came up with best basketballs that you can get, for performance or just enjoyment!

ImageBrandSizeMaterial UsedPriceCheck Price
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1061u2B7Dd8elL Molten X-Series23 inchesComposite$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051EGT7coB6L
Wilson Killer Crossover27.5 inchesOptima Rubber$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051L6DaROx1L Under Armour 495/80% Nylon Windings$$
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051CK7TsOAYL Baden Elite29.5 inchesNon-Leather$$$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10511yM7OOnwL MacGregor Multicolor27.5 inchesRubber$$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051KSObOw1YL Light Up Basketball29.5 inchesNylon Wound$$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051mbsNGKENL-1 SKLZ Pro Mini Swish Foam Ball5 inchesFoam$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1061u0xOglboL Spalding NBA Zi/O29.5 inchesLeather$$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051PpQvBZLvL Wilson Evolution28.5 inchesMicrofiber Composite Leather$$$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check
Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1061Tdt9jvj0L Spalding NBA Street29.5 inchesSoft Rubber$$Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10tall-check

How to Choose a Good Basketball

Whether you play indoor or outdoor, in a game with friends, or for competition, you want to have the best basketball there is, for full enjoyment of the sport.

Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – The Best Basketball For Control

This Under Armour basketball features UA GRIPSKIN composite for ultimate grip and feel. This basketball is entirely consistent making it easier for you to handle it with ease. No matter the player, this ball is made so that you’re always in control. It gives a very comfortable feeling while in your hands and reduces cramping.

Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 106117qpB2uWL


Made with a deep channel design and a cover that tacky, this ball gives the player full control. The basketball has full ball pebbling and 80 percent nylon windings. The windings help the ball retain it’s shape retention and giving the control completely to the player. It has a 100 percent butyl bladder for maximum air retention, which maintains a perfect performance and great provides a great bouncing experience.

Customers felt that this ball is well made and felt like leather. It was able to provide good bounce and allowed them to get a better backspin and rotation. Some negative comments said the ball loses tackiness over time.

This is a durable ball that has a great price. Get better control with this composite basketball made by Under Armor.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Genuine Leather Feel
  • Good Bounce
  • Great backspin And Rotation

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Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball, NFHS Approved – The Best Durable Basketball

Cushion control technology gives this Baden ball a softer feel, more realistic bounce, and longer life. This Elite Game ball is Baden’s best one, made to last through a lot of basketball games. This ball is found to be used by most high schools and colleges as their official ball; also it has been approved by the NFHS because of its high quality.

Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 10614F7WgfxL


It’s symmetrical design makes it perfect for your game. It has the ability to maintain balance without lumps or inconsistent bounces. Its microfiber cover will give you an exquisite tack that will not absorb moisture, gain weight, or discolor even after longer use. Baden’s outstanding red color with two patented features of Cushion Control Technology and Stealth Soft-Valve Design reduces the rubber exposed in the valve system. That helps you get a soften valve panel and will give you more precise control.

They liked the grip and found the ball to be very durable. They also said it was well balanced, giving the ball the correct spin. The only complaint was that it does sometimes lose grip when it’s wet.

This ball is a little higher priced, but well worth the money. This ball will provide you with excellent grip and last for years.

  • Has Good Grip
  • Very Durable
  • Has Correct Spin
  • Well Balanced

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SKLZ Pro Mini Swish Foam Ball – The Best Basketball For Kids

This product from SKLZ is perfect for young kids. It’s designed to use with any SKLZ mini hoops. One of the advantages of this foam ball is that it bounces quietly than most rubber balls do. This feature makes it suitable for use when playing indoors or out, because it’s quiet.

Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1051mbsNGKENL


This product is very lightweight with a 5 inch diameter, which is the perfect size for little hands. And because this is a foam ball, it is soft and comfortable. The ball comes in fun orange, blue, or green. This foam coated SKLZ Basketball is safer to for kids to use.

Customers like the look and feel of the foam coated ball. The said it was more quiet than comparable products and still had a high bounce. Some said it had less accuracy, but most consumers love this product.

This basketball was designed for kids. It’s comfortable and can be used anywhere.

  • High Bounce
  • Quiet Bounce
  • Soft Foam Coating
  • Easy To Dribble

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Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – The Best Basketball Overall

This large size Spalding basketball is just perfect for both indoor and competitive outdoor games. Spalding is the largest basketball equipment supplier in the world and America’s first baseball company. It is the official ball of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Also, it is the official backboard of the NBA and NCAA and other world related competitions which require amusement of a ball. With this proof, it is unquestionable that Spalding produces quality basketball products that will give you a peace of mind.

Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1061u0xOglboL


This basketball is designed with Zi/O composite leather cover that lets it look and feel genuine in every touch. Its dimensions are 29.5 inches, with an official NBA ball weight. Also, it has a foam backing under the full-ball pebbling for precise ball handling and creates an improved soft feeling as well as its deep channel design lets you have a better dribble control and good grip.

Customers loved the longevity of this ball. They stated that the construction was good and it held up well. They also loved the tacky grip. The one complaint was that the ball felt dry until it was broken in.

Overall, this the best basketball for the money. It’s well made and durability make it well worth the price.

  • Solid Construction
  • Good Grip
  • Super Tacky
  • Durable

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Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball – The Best Professional Basketball

With the competition between Spalding and Wilson being so stiff, Wilson started to advance their features to continue competing with Spalding. It has a composite cover that will let you experiencey superior grip from thousands of micro-pebble touch points.

And it provides enhanced control through moisture wicking laid in channels. Take Evolution basketball with you at any game you play.

Best Basketballs of 2017 - Top 1061uXHL86eEL


The microfiber composite leather cover is made from the highest quality materials, which provides the best performance. With the Composite laid in channels and a cushion core is combined to give the ball a nice feel. You are gonna step your game up to the next level, with this one.

They loved the way the ball felt in their hand, saying it was soft and easy to grip. They didn’t like the high price, but did say the ball was the quality they would expect for paying more.

Though it’s got a higher price tag, this ball is well worth the money. It was designed to maintain grip and shape to last longer.

  • Right Balance
  • Soft Feel
  • Good Grips
  • High Quality
  • Good Bounce

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Basketball Buying Guide

Basketball types

  • Indoor – These are made from full grain leather, meaning that they need to be broken in so they’re not slippery. Keeping this in mind, you might not want to use a brand new indoor ball an your important game. And these balls can not be used on concrete, as it will wear the ball out and it will no longer be flexible. Indoor basketballs are more expensive, ranging from $60 to $100.
  • Outdoor – Unlike indoor balls, outdoor basketballs do not need to be broken in, as those are mostly made from rubber. They come ready to use for any occasion the second you buy them, though they’re usually heavier and harder than indoor balls. However, you can buy an outdoor ball for as little as $10.

How to choose a basketball

  • Size – So the first thing that you should take into consideration is size. It depends on both the us of the basketball and the age of a person who will be using the ball. For children under 16, it’s best to pick a size 5 and 6. For players over the age of 16, chose a size 7, as it’s the most comfortable.
  • Material – This is mostly determined by whether the ball is for indoor or outdoor use. The most common materials are leather, synthetic leather, and rubber.
  • Environment – Already mentioned, the ball you buy should be determined by where you intend to play. Outdoor balls can be used on both indoor and outdoor courts. While indoor balls are excellent for indoors, but cannot be used on an outdoor court.
  • Price – There are few ranges of basketball prices. Outdoor balls can cost as little as $10, while indoor basketballs can be as much as $100.

Additional Buying Guides

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