Best Tire Pressure Gauges of 2017 | Buying Guide


Best Tire Pressure Gauges

To keep your vehicle in a top-notch condition, you have to maintain all its parts including its tires. One of the important ways of maintaining a vehicle’s tire is to ensure proper inflation. Under-inflated tires can build up excess heat while you drive and result in failure while over-inflated tires can wear faster and affect the braking and handling system of your vehicle. Therefore, to curb this, always use the best tire pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of your car’s tires occasionally.

Some users do not know when and how to use a tire pressure gauge, that is why their car’s tire always fail. You should use a tire pressure gauge occasionally and every time you intend to take a long trip. To get a more tire pressure gauge accuracy, always check the tire pressure three or more hours after you park the car.

Top Five Best Tire Pressure Gauges on the market for 2017

We have done a comprehensive research on many tire pressure gauges and by our findings and testing, the following five products are the best of the lot. These five tire pressure gauges do not only work for vehicles but can also function as the best motorcycle tire pressure gauges.

5McLintech Tire Pressure Gauge

The McLintech Tire Pressure Gauge is the only digital tire pressure gauge that makes our top five lists of the best tire pressure gauges because of its exceptional quality.

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The exterior of this tire pressure gauge has a rubberized finish to enhance gripping and leverage while in use. It has a well-lit digital display and can measure tire pressure in PSI, KPA, KGF and BAR with an utmost accuracy of +1 or -1. The PSI scale ranges from 3-150 PSI with an increment of 5 PSI.

This product comes with emergency tools such as LED flashlight and Red safety light, which makes measuring tire pressure at night easier. It also includes an emergency seat belt Cutter and a Pop-out window Hammer.


  • This gauge is very accurate.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a bright digital display.
  • It has handy accessories.

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4Joes Racing 32307 Tire Pressure Gauge

Best Tire Pressure Gauges of 2017 | Buying Guide41E0StyEEBL

The Joes Racing 32307 Tire Pressure Gauge is a heavy-duty tire pressure gauge. It has an innovative chuck system, which makes it one of the best tire pressure gauges.

This is tire pressure gauge comes with a 2-1/2 inches Dial which glows in the dark. The swivel fitting on the dial has a chrome angle and ball chuck so you will always know the right version. Its nozzle is brass and stainless steel make and the dial gauge has a rugged rubber case cover. A flexible rubber hose stretches out 17-inches and there is an air release button.


  • It has an angled and ball chuck.
  • You can use it in the dark.
  • It is very durable.

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3DRIVE Tire Pressure Gauge and Case

The DRIVE Tire Pressure Gauge and Case features a nice combination of quality, precision, and accessories. This is the ideal tire pressure gauge and you can go wrong choosing this product.

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This pressure gauge component will last long because they consist of a quality brass and stainless steel make. No tire pressure gauge could be more durable than the DRIVE Tire Pressure Gauge and Case. Its large 60 PSI dial with step increments of 1 PSI is easy to read and accurate. This dial glows in the dark so you can use this device at nighttime.

The rubber protective cover around the dial is resistant to wear and tear. It has a bleed valve button to release air when you want to. The best part of this product is the Carrying case it comes with which has a soft custom lining and premium fabric to protect the device.


  • It is very accurate.
  • It comes with a Carrying case.
  • The dial glows in the dark.

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2JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge

The JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge is another quality product that ranks as one of the best tire pressure gauges. It does the perfect job of reading tire pressure and more.

Best Tire Pressure Gauges of 2017 | Buying Guide51P2soAyhXL

This highly recommended pressure gauge has a premium heavy-duty component build with a rugged gear rubber style protective cover to enhance gripping and Comfortability. A flexible hose ensures there are no air leakages. This product is so compact that it can fit into your palms and you can store it anywhere.

The large Dial of the JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge is 2-inches in size and features a 360° swivel that allows you to access the dial from any angle. The 60-PSI scale in the dial also glows in the dark, which will enable you to use it in no light conditions. This product has the certification of international Accuracy Standard and its accurate pressure readings lock in place until you push the reset button on its neck.


  • It is very accurate.
  • You can use it in dark conditions.
  • It has a free 100% lifetime guarantee.
  • It is very durable.

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1TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge

The TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge is a Dial type of tire pressure gauge that is easy to use and very reliable. This product is a perfect accessory to have around if you own an automobile.

Best Tire Pressure Gauges of 2017 | Buying Guide51sKeIYcWL

This tire pressure gauge has a steel and brass construction with a 5mm chuck tip extension to prevent air leakage. The large 2-inches Dial has a rugged rubber covering for durability and comfort. The Dial has a 360° swiveling chuck and you can read the Dial Scale from any angle.

This device has ANSI international accuracy standard, so you do not have to worry about getting inaccurate pressure readings. It also has a built-in relief valve to release air until you reach the target you want using the bleed button.


  • It is easy to use and very reliable.
  • It is accurate.
  • It will work perfectly in any weather condition.
  • It has 100% lifetime guaranteed.

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Tips on How to Purchase the Best Tire Pressure Gauges

The hard part of making a purchase is having the right knowledge to make a choice. That is why in this tire pressure gauge review, we will take you through what you need to know to purchase the best tire pressure gauges.

Consider the Types

Tire pressure gauges are of three types; Stick, Digital, and Dial type. Ensure that anyone of the three you purchase has a wide range of scale to measure tire pressure.

Stick type

These types are small, simple and cheaper than the rest. They look like ballpoint pens but can be hard to interpret, unlike Dial and Digital types.

Digital type

These have electronic displays and are easy to interpret. The best digital tire pressure gauges are the most accurate tire gauges. Digital types are more resistant to damage and you can use them in low light conditions. They are bulkier than the Stick types and run on batteries.

Dial type

These types are the most popular and they have analog dials with a scale and pointer in them to indicate pressure value. They come with extra features but are not as accurate as the Digital type.

Tire Pressure Gauges Buying Guide

There are tire pressure gauges with many functions and settings and there are those who do just one thing. Choose whichever one suit you best and are well within your budget.


The best tire pressure gauges are very durable and will last you a lifetime. Pick tire pressure gauges with good durability because they will break internally or externally after a few time of use.


This is the last factor you should consider because regardless of your budget, some of the best tire pressure gauges are affordable. Although, you will have to make a compromise on some additional features that you can get from others.


When it comes to car safety, one cannot be too careful because little faults due to tire failures can be fatal to one’s life. That is why monitoring your tire using the best tire pressure gauge is very vital to ensuring car safety. Having the right amount of pressure in your vehicle’s tire also helps to balance fuel economy asides from safeguarding you against accidents.

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