Best Octane Boosters of 2017 | Buying Guide


Best Octane Boosters

Car engines are usually well-oiled machines and to work maximally as what they are. They have to run on fuel with the same octane rating as the vehicle. Basically, the octane of a vehicle is simply the level of compression that the fuel in the engine will withstand before it ignites.

Like every other engine, your vehicle’s engine is designed to run on fuel of a certain octane rating. Fuel with very low octane rating ignites excessively early for the engine and these results ultimately in pings and knocks. If your vehicle has built-in knock sensors, other downsides to using fuel with low octane rating is that it can reduce performance, retard timing and reduce fuel economy.

Benefits of Octane Boosters

Many people ask the question, what do octane boosters do?

Well, if your vehicle is required to run on fuel with a high octane rating, it’s usually the best practice to use octane boosters. Octane boosters help to smoothen the internal combustion process of vehicles. They help prevent early fuel ignition and by extension, prevent the pinging and knocking off your engine. Contrary to popular belief, octane boosters do not provide additional power. Instead, they help in preserving the quality of your vehicles engine components.

Best 5 Octane Boosters for 2017

Here, we have reviewed five of the best octane boosters for turbo cars and motorcycles on in consideration with the basic requirements necessary to qualify as the best in this category.

5CAM2 80565-81344-12PK Octane Booster

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If you want one of the best octane boosters that deliver top-notch value, then the CAM2 Octane Booster is the booster for you. It is good at helping to treat pings, knocks and dieseling known as after runs. It is safe and effective to use with alcohol and methanol fuel mixtures and it helps to remove phosphorus build upon the vehicle’s engine catalytic converter. The CAM2 neutralizes combustion acids and shields the fuel system from corrosion and rust.


  • One of the best octane boosters for turbo cars
  • Improves performance of engines
  • Works well with alcohol and methanol fuel mixtures

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4104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost

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The powerful 104+ is the octane booster that’s known for its performance boosting capabilities since it appeared on the market. It works as a fuel system and injection cleaning system and most importantly octane enhancements. It does a good job of significantly reducing both knocks and pings when added to a standard tank and increasing the octane rating of the fuel. The 104+ octane booster adds performance to your vehicle and does not contain any chemical that can cause Manganese MMT buildup in oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.


  • Features extra lubrication system
  • It is alright for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Gives double the boost of a regular formula

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3Blue Magic NA30-12PK Turbo 108 Octane Boost

Best Octane Boosters of 2017 | Buying Guide41Cmt3UkiqL

The Blue Magic NA30 12PK Turbo 108 octane boost is one of the best octane boosters on the market. It increases anti-knock efficiency and octane level. Overall, it is safe for all gasoline engines, be it sensors or catalytic and it helps in restoring lost horsepower. It even contains MMT converters essentially making it road worthy and eliminating engine knocks, stalling, and hesitations. The Blue Magic Turbo 108 booster provides marginal boost in power and improves fuel economy.


  • Increases anti-knock effectiveness and octane level
  • Helps restore lost horsepower
  • It doesn’t harm catalytic converters and sensors
  • Recommended for all gasoline engines

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2Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon

Best Octane Boosters of 2017 | Buying Guide51FgN4l3XGL

The octane booster by Klotz helps your vehicle with the best octane boost possible, accelerates engines faster and makes your engines feel extra powerful. This octane booster reduces pings, adding up to ten numbers to any fuel and it’ll even change low octane fuels of about 87 to help them with less internal detonations inside your cars fuel injection compartment. This booster is known for its synthetic lubrication products and as one of the best to revitalize your engines. It uses a tetraethyl lead substitute that increases lubricity.


  • Promotes upper cylinder lubrication
  • Recommended for ethanol-enriched fuels
  • Controls bunion speed and maintains flame front
  • Absorbs moisture and cleans injectors and carburetors

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1Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

Best Octane Boosters of 2017 | Buying Guide41wGPIfQ7jL

Lucas Oil Octane Booster is quality performance booster that’s safe for oxygen sensors, gasoline engines, turbos and lots more. It helps to raise compression, stop knocks in high compression engines and this octane booster has been tested & proven to deliver ×3 boost than most octane boosters. Although it isn’t street legal because it contains Manganese fuel additives MMTs. A 15 oz. bottle comfortably treats almost 25 gallons of fuel. Altogether, this octane booster ensures that your vehicle’s engine works optimally.


  • Increased mpg
  • Better acceleration
  • Works with injected and carbureted engines
  • Promotes clean fuel burning

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Octane Booster Buying Guide

When deciding on which octane boosters to use for your vehicle, it is vital to consider the following essential factors for your engines best performance lift.


It’s important to take note of what other users have to say about the product you’re considering. This way, you can get past all the anxiety that cloud your judgments based on your impression of the product.

Octane Boost

Technically, this gives an idea of how well the product can improve fuel quality and because manufacturers make claims of the octane boost rating, it’s important not to rely too much on those claims.

The Frequency of Use and size

Since this is not a one-time use product, it is essential that you consider how frequently you’ll use it to know if it’ll be economical. This goes a long way to affect the overall amount you spend on octane for your vehicle.


The compatibility of the product with your type of vehicle and engine is a very important consideration you need to make because there are different requirements for different engines.


In deciding which octane booster is best for you and your car, you’ll have seen in this guide how simple yet important and effective an octane booster is for your engines top performance and longevity. After going through this octane booster review, we’re quite sure you can make that informed choice today.

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