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Best Fuel Additives

First of all, if you’re not pleased with the performance of your vehicle, there is something that you can do to improve the situation. There is a high likelihood that your engine is forming buildups that are leading to sluggishness. Thus, to increase performance, you have to choose the best fuel additive for your vehicle.

You have a few choices, and one includes taking it into the shop for a good purging. Your other option is far less expensive and doesn’t take long to complete. Finally, The top 10 best fuel additives can help to restore the power that your car or truck once had and gave you the performance that you’re used to.

However, if you’re not familiar with the benefits of using the best fuel additive, you’re not alone. You can solve the problem when you have equipment with some facts and useful information. To make it easy, we’ve prepared a guide to tell you everything that you need to know about fuel additives and how to make sure that you’re getting the best.

How Fuel Additives Work

Fuel additives help to loosen deposits that have accumulated over years of use. The best choices include those that will clean fuel injectors. Also, they work by using chemicals that clean the inside mechanisms and help to prevent further buildup from occurring. Most notable, they assist in improving vehicle performance by boosting the power. Some products are also useful for decreasing harmful carbon emissions which are a plus for the environment.

What to Look for When Selecting Best Fuel Additive

Firstly, if you walk into an auto parts store, you are confident to be overwhelmed by the vast selection. Not all of them work as they claim. At the same time, avoid using cheap brands that make outrageous claims because they may make the problem worse. Look for a brand and formulation that will clean your car’s fuel injectors. Thus, this is the type that will yield the most noticeable results. Polybutene amine is the chemical that is most useful for cleaning intake valves, ports, carburetors and fuel injectors. Also, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the most highly recommended fuel additives.

ImageBrandWeightCheck Price
BestLine 853796001177 Premium Synthetic Gasoline Conditioner0.3 ounce
Gumout 800001363 High Mileage0.2 ounce
Royal Purple 18000 Max Atomizer6.4 ounce
STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner9.6 ounce
Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane4.9 pounds
Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment8 pounds
Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner1.7 pounds
Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment8 ounce
Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner20 ounce
Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment16 ounce

10. BestLine 853796001177 Premium Synthetic Gasoline Conditioner

This BestLine product is useful in improving the performance of the engine by cleaning the fuel system and optimizing combustion.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide41WBpYMvKXL

It lessens exhaust emissions and increases gas mileage and engine power. We recommend this product because of the positive response that it has given to people who purchased, used and reported on their experience.

  • Reduces friction
  • Increases emissions burn for cleaner operation
  • Cleans and protects fuel system
  • Better vehicle performance with decreased lag

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9. Gumout 800001363 High Mileage Fuel Injector Cleaner

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Gumout is a well-known fuel additive that does exactly what it promises. It is useful for cleaning fuel systems of vehicles that have high miles and stubborn deposits. It helps the engine to perform better, and the results increase fuel mileage, reduction of harmful emissions and smoother engine performance with enhanced power. Rated by users with a high rank of 4.7, we recommend this as being high on the list of the top 10 fuel additives.

  • Recommended for high mileage vehicles
  • Cleans stubborn deposits in fuel system
  • Improves mpg
  • Restores lost power

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8.Royal Purple 18000 Max Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple is a great solution for both diesel and gas engines. It restores power with quicker response times and better fuel economy.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide41uMwQO4qL

Royal Purple is one of the highest rated fuel additives because of its effectiveness and versatility. It may be used to clean fuel injectors on either gas or diesel engines. It gets high marks for stabilising fuel, increasing mpg and enhancing power and responsiveness during acceleration. Some users recommend that the manufacturers use a container that is easier to pour from, but a funnel may be used to solve the problem.

  • Enhanced vehicle responsiveness
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Maximum horsepower
  • cleans fuel injectors on gas or diesel engines

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7. STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner

First of all, a wise choice for removing gum, varnish and carbon deposits. For it thoroughly cleans fuel injectors and enhances smoother engine performance.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide51Az0jiekZL

In addition, this product is among the top picks for cleaning fuel injectors and restoring lost power. Also, it helps to calm a rough idle and give you more power as you accelerate. Although not all users report noticeable changes, most give it high marks and recommend it as an excellent solution for improving power and mpg.

  • Restores lost power
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Improved acceleration
  • Addresses rough idle

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6. Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

Power Service recommended for diesel vehicles for the cleaning of sticky or dirty injectors. Also recommended for high-pressure common rail systems.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide41TQGtWiTlL

Thus, we recommend Power Service for anyone with diesel engines that are 2007 and later models. At the same time, it has proven its effectiveness in cleaning the fuel systems and boosting positive ratings. Moreover, users experience less power lag and enhanced smoothness in running engines. Also, provides a lubricant that helps to protect injectors and pumps from wear. Finally, this product gets a good marks that lands it firmly in the top ten fuel additives for diesel engines.

  • Effective in cleaning sticky injectors
  • Enhances vehicle performance with more power
  • Improved mpg
  • Safe for diesel engines 2007 and newer

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5. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

First of all, the dual action of cleaning and lubrication of the fuel system. Lucas Fuel treatment enhances mpg and power issues with high performing dependability.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide417Hp3lD4WL

Hence, Lucas Fuel Treatment is a product that we highly recommend for its superior performance in cleaning and lubricating the fuel system. Also, it increases the burning of exhaust emissions which is cleaner for both the vehicle and the environment for a win-win situation. While some users did not notice a change in performance, the majority do and are happy to report it with a high product rating.

  • Increases injector and pump life
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Cleans and lubricates fuel system
  • Burns exhaust emissions

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4. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

Efficient at reducing vehicle need for octane, Red Line cleans with close to 100% efficiency in the first treatment. At the same time, gentle ingredients that won’t harm the internal vehicle parts or sensors.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide41mUEwwpk8L-1

  1. Cleans to nearly 100 percent efficiency in one treatment
  2. Reduces need for octane by up to two points
  3. Contains synthetic upper cylinder lubricant
  4. Safe for continual use

Use one bottle per tank for most effective treatment of neglected vehicle. While the majority of users give Red Line a definite thumbs up, some couldn’t notice a difference. Most saw that issues with rough idle and loss of power were addressed quickly and recommend this product highly.

  • Improves performance and power
  • Effective fuel system cleaning with single use
  • Enhances vehicle idle

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3. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment – Concentrated Gas Formula

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment reduces problems with ethanol fuel systems and is useful in the prevention of phase separation. A good solution for stabilizing fuel in stored vehicles for up to two years.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide515bM0KzIL

Multiple uses including lawn and garden equipment and RVs. It works ideally for most users with a few exceptions. Not everyone reported improvements that they could notice and the bottle could be designed for easier pouring. A funnel is recommended to resolve this issue.

  • Smoother running engine
  • Cleans injectors and valves
  • Removes carbons, gums and varnish
  • Increased fuel efficiency

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2. Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Effective treatment for cleaning intake valves, fuel injectors, carburettors and combustion chambers. This product is useful for addressing engine surge and rough idle to get your vehicle running it’s best.

Best Fuel Additives of 2017 | Buying Guide419oW66PehL

This product is not only useful for use in road vehicles but is also popular for use in motorcycles, RVs and lawn care equipment. More so, it comes highly recommended by the majority of users with just a few reporting no change in performance. And we give it a thumbs up as making it high on our list of the top 10.

  • Broad range of applications
  • Effective for cleaning entire fuel system
  • Improves fuel stability
  • Reduces power loss and spark plug fouls

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1. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Firstly, SeaFoam Motor Treatment is easy to use kit that uses petroleum as the cleaning agent. At the same time, this product is registered with the EPA and helps in removing deposits of varnish and gum-like buildups within the internal engine parts.

The results are in on Sea Foam SF-16 motor treatment.Also, t has broad applications for cleaning the engine for superior performance and cutting down the amount of carbon emissions that are put back into the environment. Moreover, it may shorten the life of the O2 sensor as reported by a small number of users, but overall, a good choice that makes it a good fit for our top 10 list.

  • Cleans with pure petroleum as the only ingredient
  • Works with all types of vehicles including chainsaws
  • Improves performance and reduces emissions

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Final Thoughts

Thus, after reviewing many fuel additive products, we were able to identify ten products that surpass the others in their effectiveness and their value to users. In addition, anyone who is having performance issues with their vehicle should consider the less expensive alternative of using a fuel additive to help clean the fuel system, boost power and enhance fuel mileage. Also, this option could help to save you the expense of taking your vehicle to a shop only to be told that the fuel system needs to be tidy.

Not all people who use fuel additives notice a difference in performance. There are a couple of reasons for this. Some mechanical situations can cause a vehicle to lose power or experience other authority and performance issues. Likewise, fuel additives do not correct all problems, but they are useful as a first step because in many cases, a good cleaning is all that is needed.

Finally using the right products is key to getting the best results. This is why we took the time and made the effort to point out the pros and the cons that are also with each in our listing. Also, we included a good variety of different products so you’ll have a range of choices. We hope that the information is helpful in addressing your concerns.

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