Best Diesel Fuel Additives of 2017 – Top 5


Best Diesel Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are of utmost importance to keep your vehicle engine up and running properly. If the engine receives a poor quality fuel, the fuel injection system gets affected severely. Try using a good additive that can balance the flaws in the fuel quality to prevent this dicey situation. Below is a list of best diesel fuel additives available in the market.

5Rev-x DIS1601 Distance + Fuel Additive

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Keeping in mind the pollution issue, Rev-x has comes up with an additive that helps to reduce smoke and engine emission. DIS1601 additive is a detergent based product that acts as a good lubricant and also helps to clean up the engine pump, injection systems, and nozzles.

Want to save a few bucks on fuel? Then this product by Rev-x is for you because it reduces fuel consumption by a large amount and enhances the engine’s Horsepower. As a single bottle is sufficient to treat 400 gallons of oil, you can be rest assured that you are saving more bucks than you are spending on the additive.

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4Opti – Lube XPD Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

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XPD Formula Diesel Fuel Additive comes with a perfect cold weather protection to get your vehicle’s engine running even during extremely cold weather. If you are worried about the wearing off of the engine, keep your worries aside because Opti – Lube has made this additive equipped with a lubricator that prevents corrosion and protects the engine from further unwanted exposure.

Demulsifiers present in XPD Formula additive helps to separate the water droplets from the fuel for proper protection against water. Topping all this, the product is known to help decrease the fuel consumption rate and even acts as a power enhancer.

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3Hotshot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive

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Hotshot’s DDD Diesel additive is packed with cleansers that help to clean the engine tank, injectors, and the fuel lines. This product provides the engine a superior starting even during those freezing winter nights so that you are never late for your meetings. Not only does it balance the engine functioning during cold weather, but it also has great tolerance towards sweltering situations when the car has been running for a long time.

The demulsifiers present in Hotshot’s DDD helps to prevent excessive corrosion and forms a protective layer on the engine parts for future possibilities.

The product comes with a horsepower enhancer that helps to improve the compression and power of the engine to a large extent. For the sports car and bike enthusiasts, Hotshot’s DDD fuel additive is a perfect pick.

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2Power Service 03025-12-12PK +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

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Tested and approved by major diesel engine manufacturers, this product by Power Service comes with a cleanser that protects the High – Pressure Common Rail systems and unit injectors.  The additive is tested to work well with most fuel qualities including low – sulfur diesel, biodiesel, and blends.

Power service is always known to produce additives that help to improve fuel consumption, and it has not failed to impress the users even this time, because 03025-12-12PK reduces fuel consumption by approximately 8%, thus making it a highly sought after product in the market.

Targeted to increase horsepower, this additive boosts cetane up to 6 points, thereby improving the combustion and acceleration of the engine drastically.

03025 – 12 – 12PK comes with a special lubricator which protects the motor pump, injectors from dirty and damaging deposits, to make the engine run seamlessly even in high – load situations.

If you are looking for a product at a reasonable price point, packed with all the necessary features of a good fuel additive, this is your right pick.

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1Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

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Being a big fan of Stanadyne’s products, Performance formula additive is a personal favourite. Living up to the company’s repute, the Performance Formula comes with a complete weather protection. Depending on the base fuel used, it reduces the diesel pour point to 40°F and increases cold filter plug point by 25°F.

Performance Formula reduces fuel consumption by approximately 9% and also helps to reduce smoke and particulate matter emission. If you are looking for a detergent based fuel additive that also acts as an antioxidant, Performance Formula is the right choice for you as it helps to cleanse and protect the fuel injection system.

Designed to increase horsepower, this product by Stanadyne has a 5 point cetane gain to improve engine properties like combustion, power, and acceleration. Tiny water droplets are ejected from the emulsion due to the presence of special demulsifiers in this additive, making it an excellent water remover.

If you are on the lookout for a fuel additive that can tackle most diesel related problems and works well on all sorts of vehicles – on – road, off- road or marine, Performance Formula is the one for you.

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Choosing the Best Diesel Fuel Additive

When it comes to choosing a right fuel additive, there are certain factors which should be kept in mind. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Nowadays, a large variety of diesel fuel is available all around the globe, and these affect the vehicle’s engine adversely. While choosing a fuel additive, it is best to look for one that cleans the fuel to an extent that it does not degrade the performance of the engine.
  • The fuel additive should come with weather protection feature so that the engine works smoothly, irrespective of the present weather condition.
  • The ingredients of the fuel should be checked properly to see if it is alcohol – free because the presence of alcohol leads to slow corrosion of the engine material.
  • The additive should have a detergent base that helps to clean the present deposits and add up an extra layer to prevent further unwanted deposits on the engine surface.

The Bottom Line

When selecting the right fuel additive for your diesel-run vehicle, you should keep in mind that at the end of the day, you are buying the product to enhance your engine’s performance and at the same time protecting it from easy wear. Thus, it’s wise to choose an additive which promises good performance and comes with a reasonable price tag because, the better the protection, the longer your engine survives. Happy driving!

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