Best Screwdriver Sets of 2017 | Buying Guide


Best Screwdriver Sets

Hey, do you have the best screwdriver sets all around your house, but you just cannot find the one that you need? Yes, we know that feeling, as most screwdriver sets do not include essentials for basic fixing.

Ending up with a bunch of broken tools, that were good for just one use is certainly not something that anyone wants. Every handyman would like to have a reliable set of tools, just in case. We decided to research and find out few best screwdriver sets:

Top 4 Best Screwdriver Sets

Craftsman 17-piece Screwdriver Set – Best Budget Screwdriver Set

We are starting this list off with the screwdriver set, for which you are going to get much more than you paid for. Craftsman has been in this industry for a long time, producing different sets of tools, and is well known for its quality.

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This 17 piece set, includes 9 regular/straight screwdrivers, 7 Phillips ones and a four-in-one keychain. Due to this, you have more than enough options to finish every job that you need to. Also, tips of this screwdrivers are of high quality, providing a good tolerance, while still holding the screw in its place.

The handles on this one are plastic, though high-quality one and stems are coated with some satin nickel, which provides a very nice look above everything else. Blades have been treated with heat, so they are not easy to break, and can for sure sustain some pressure. Taking that into consideration, they are not too harsh when you hold them, so you do not have to worry about getting blisters on your hands, even you are working on something that might take a bit of time.

This screwdriver has a lifetime warranty, so you have no worries even if it gets damaged or breaks. Excellent set overall, for those on a budget, and those looking for the best out there, even to serve just as a backup!

  • Various types
  • Quality Material
  • Heat-treated blades
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Inexpensive

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Wiha 30295 5-piece Screwdriver Set – Best Precise Screwdriver Set

This model is widely known for machining that it has, allowing you a great precision while you work. so it is a favorite pick of many technicians. Although you do not get a lot of screwdrivers in this set, your demands will be fullfilled, as it is conventional for most of tasks.

 The design of the screwdriver set is fantastic. It has a nice look, with a red-black combination, plus it is ergonomic, with cushion handles, that feels great in your hand. So, There is no need to worry about having a ton of blisters, just after hours or so of work.

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It is most famous for its precision machining, provided by a rotating cap, which allows a smooth turning, with fingertip control, also has a hard chromed finish, so basically you do not have to worry about it breaking easily and is also corrosion resistant. This set contains five pieces, of which three are slotted screwdrivers and two Phillips ones.

To sum it up, you cannot go wrong when choosing this one, especially if you tend to do some tasks that require high precision!

  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Precision
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable and good ergonomics

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Craftsman One:Performance Tool 26-piece Screwdriver Set – Best Craftsman Screwdriver Set

This one is an excellent pick, and it is mostly loved by craftsman, who are swearing that this set is everything you need. Taking this into consideration, it is more of an electricians pick, but it fills any demands for house tasks as well.

What does this set have that separates it from others?

The first thing that comes to notice is that stems are chrome coated and finished up with satin. Also, the handle itself is not slippery, considering the material it is made off, and also magnetic heads, give another boost for this great set. Once it comes in contact with the screw, it will not let go, until you finished your job.

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This set comes with a gray stand, making it easy to put off screwdrivers, without losing them. This gives a more organized look, especially when you are looking for a particular screwdriver in that tool box.  There are 26 screwdrivers, of various length and size, both screwdriver and tips, with heads being cross, flat or star shaped. You have a pretty wide option here, so this set is the best gift for those having a workshop, as these are the essentials.

We cannot come to a universal conclusion on that, as the ones that were pointing out pros were satisfied with that stand. Along with that, they think that it wears out pretty easily, and breaks, which can, of course, differ for each package. But overall, for the price you are getting it, this set is the best you can go for, considering the number of screwdrivers you are going to work with, and the actual quality.

  • Different and numerous screwdrivers
  • non-slippery handle
  • quality chrome and satin finish
  • conventional

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Gear Wrench 80666 20-piece Screwdriver Set – Best All round Screwdriver Set

This one, might be even the best on the market, though higher in price than the previous ones we have suggested you, it has an amazing quality, and it is so the high price is kind of justified. Few things actually make this set different to others. The design itself is pretty neat, coming in black-red color combination. The handle is made from an innovative dual material, providing excellent comfort, and eased performance. Same as the previous one, the handle is ergonomic, in this case, tri-lobe one, helping you obtain the strength you need.

Best Screwdriver Sets of 2017 | Buying Guide512aOWnkuL

Along with this, it includes speed zones, which give you the option to lower torque if that is what is necessary. Stems are coated with chrome finish, with tips being black oxide, in charge for providing a non-slip surface, making it easy to keep screws in the right place.

As for the screwdrivers, it has 20 of those, literally ranging from the shortest to the longest one. With the set including Phillips, slotted and torx pieces, you have no fear, that you might not be available to do some task, with tips also being different, and heads being both flat, cross and star shaped. One more amazing fact, is that it is magnetic, meaning that it holds the screw onto it. The whole product weighs around 4.5 pounds, which is not much at all, and Snap-On brand is responsible for warranty if anything goes wrong.

  • A wide range of different screwdrivers
  • Comfortable
  • Nice looking
  • Magnetic heads

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As we already said, when choosing a screwdriver set, look for balanced value, durability, variability and comfort, and you will not make a wrong decision. We have given you an orientation by presenting the about four sets, on how to pick one, and now it is your turn, to get one, you will fall in love with!

Best Screwdriver Set Buying Guide:

Everyone needs a good quality screwdriver set in their home. Believe it or not, most of your furniture has at least one screw in it, which make a piece hold its form. Considering this, you never know when or why you might need a screwdriver, and not all screws are same shape or size, so you will probably need more types of screwdrivers as well. With all this said, your best chance is to get a set, instead of going and buying them piece by piece. 

What to focus on, when buying a best screwdriver set?

Various Pieces:  The first thing that you should be searching for in a screwdriver set is that it should contain pieces of different lengths, making it easy to both fix some areas that are harder to access, and have a screwdriver that will tighten that screw, in some harder materials like thick wood, or plastic. Along with different sized screwdrivers, you should be getting tips that are various as well, giving you, even more, options to work with.

A good screwdriver set must contain screwdrivers, which have a different top, of which some have the cross-like and the other ones star like heads. The more different the screwdrivers are, more tasks you will be able to do.

Material Quality: Maybe the most important thing to think about is the material screwdrivers are made from. You should be looking for ones created from expensive plastic, and have a grip over plastic, for a more comfortable feel.

Warranty: You need to think that no matter how good your screwdrivers are, they can always get damage. So, look for sets with a longer warranty card.

Magnetic Tip: The last thing that we understand as important, is that your screwdriver has a magnetic tip, that will hold the crew on the head, making it easier to work, without any slipping.

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