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Best Car Polishers

Washing your car on a regular basis will protect the paint job and keep it looking beautiful. But anyone who’s ever spent hours and hours polishing their car knows the only real result is that your arms are sore. Well, we know that feeling and the product that will help both of us is one of these best car polishers.

And today there are various excellent car buffers designed to save your time and provide much more noticeable results. There are currently a lot of different models and types (dual action orbital and variable speed rotatory), it is hard to pick the right one. We decided to do some research and came up with few models of best car polishers that will meet anyone’s needs.

Porter-Cable 7424 XP  – Best Car Polisher For The Money:

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This 6-inch variable speed polisher is probably one of the most common buffers, both in garages and detailing shops. This machine is capable of producing fantastic result, and that is why it’s one of the top picks.

Coming from recognized brand Porter-Cable, this polisher is better than any of their previous models. They raised stakes when they made this 6-pound device. It’s not that heavy, and you could use it for few hours without getting sore. The 6-inch backing plate that it has fits most of the foam pads.

And although small in size, the motor is pretty powerful. This polisher can produce from 2500 to 6800 orbits per minute. And although this might seem fast, you don’t have to worry that it will in any way affect or damage your car.

Also, the on/off switch has been redesigned so that it also comes with a six-speed dial, making it easy to control the speed. What is nice is that along with everything else, it has heat overload protection, making it hard to break down. Porter-Cable provides the customer with a 90-day guarantee and a one-year warranty card.

This device is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Customers that have not been satisfied express that it is deafening and that the vibrations are too high, making it not suitable for heavy duty work.

This is a great pick for anyone, both professionals and beginners, looking for a buffer with a lower cost. And it still has enough speed and power to satisfy your detailing demands.

  • Strong Motor
  • High Speed Up To 6800 OPM
  • Safe
  • Easy To Use
  • Compatible

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Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD – Best Car Polisher For Beginners

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We researched more than few car buffers, but this one stood out for being easy to use and providing an incredible performance. It has also been recognizably upgraded, in comparison to previous models. This device now includes ergonomics, making it comfortable as well with an added rubber handle.

This polisher, same as the previous model, is 6 – inch orbital buffer. And due to the random motion, it is highly unlikely that it will in any way damage your car or leave swirl marks. As for the size, it’s much smaller than some other models at just 12 inches long and weighing around 7 pounds. So you have no problem using it even for few hours in a row.

The job that it does in removing marks and scratches is simply phenomenal. And along with all that, this one can be used to apply wax. This makes the whole process easy and less harsh on your hands.

As for the motor, it operates at 850 watts and produces from 2500 to 6800 rpm. And with the 6-speed dial, you can quickly adjust speed according to the pressure you are putting on your car. This way, once you’re done, it ends up just like you wanted. To top it off, you are given a lifetime warranty card.

If you ask us, this is one of the best on a market, especially for beginners. This machine is perfect for those who are only looking to remove any marks or oxidation on a car, without causing any damage.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Ergonomics
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable Speed Up To 6800 OPM.

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DEWALT DWP849X – Best Car Polisher For Professionals

Best Car Polishers of 2017 | Buying Guide41lUxusSML

When talking about car buffers, it cannot get much better than DEWALT. This top selling buffer contains both power and finesse to create the finish you have always been looking for. Although not that nice on looks, this machine will provide you years of high performance and excellence.

Although it can be used in home garages, this model is certainly a good choice for professionals as well. And what is great about this model is that it’s not only for cars, but it can be used on anything that has the metal finish. For example, this device can be used to polish a boat.

As for the power, it has a 12-amp motor which is pretty high, but it starts softly and that is what matters. Most models are harsh when it comes to that. It does produce from 600 to 3500 orbits per minute, which is lower than previous models.

But other things give this model the quality that it has. If we take a look at convenience and handling, we need to mention that it has two handles. It’s ideal for both applying wax on any part of the vehicle you want and for removing deeper scratches and marks. Even those that have been on the vehicle for a long time.

Professional detailers know how wool flying around the room while doing a job can be irritating. And that is why this model has shields, which do not allow a wool material to enter the actual polisher. It’s a bit heavier, weighing in at 10 pounds, but it’s still easy enough to move around.

Along with that, DEWALT gives you a 90-day money back guarantee, a 1 year free service period, and 3-year warranty card. This way, even if something breaks down you do not have to worry as you are secured.

Most satisfied customers say that it runs smoothly and provides maximum details. While the ones that are not convinced complain that it can be tricky to use and that it’s a bit expensive.

We should tell you that as it is already rated as a top seller, so you cannot go much wrong this one. It’s definitely a better choice for professional detailers. But it’s a nice one for home garages as well.

  • Durable
  • Excellent Shine
  • Powerful, Smooth Motor
  • No Load Speed

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Kawasaki 840580 – Best Car Polisher Budget Pick

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So after we have presented three excellent models that have all been over 100 $, we should go and give one for those on a low-budget that would like to get good results. Our pick is a model developed from the widely recognized Japanese brand, Kawasaki. They have proven themselves to be a quality brand over the years.

This model delivers everything you need: quality, value, and fills in your DIY demands. The first thing that you can notice is that it has a fun looking ergonomic design. This device is easy enough to use and to handle, weighing at around 6 pounds.

Along with that, it can run for quite a long time, which is not something that you would expect from a model of this price. As for the motor, it produces 0.75 amps, 120 volts, and 60 HZ. Because of the speed of this polisher, it can reach up to 3200 orbits per minute, which is not bad at all, even for some higher price models.

And it includes three bonnets and two foam pads, which eliminates any chance that the surface will be scratched. This polisher is pretty useful in removing surface marks and scratches while giving your car’s paint a decent shine.

  • Ergo Friendly
  • No Surface Damage
  • Removes Surface Marks And Swirls
  • Small Price

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So here we have given you few models that should fill anyone’s demands and preferences. There are some great picks for those who are a beginner as well as professionals. Even if you’re on a low-budget and looking to get a good quality buffer there is one that will work for you. So now it’s your turn to do a great thing for yourself and your car and get one!

Why should you buy this?

Buying a buffer could save you a lot of time, keeping in mind that the rotations that it produces are much more efficient than you regular hand waxing. Plus, it gives customers an excellent finish after the work is done, whereas with hand waxing no one can promise you that.

Also, it enables you to redesign your vehicle, while removing all scrapes and marks that might have occurred over the years by eliminating layers of old paint. This will present you a new, fresh coating. In most cases this product is not expensive, so on a long term basis, you are doing a great thing for both you and your car.

What to focus on, when buying a car polisher?
  • Throw – This is how big of an area the polisher can cover in one action. The greater the throw is, the faster you will get your job done.
  • Speed – Another critical factor is that speed is being measured in orbits per minute. Speed will usually range from 1800 to 6800 orbits per minute.
  • Weight – This one depends on your preferences, how often are you planning to use this machine, and the size of your car. Car buffers minimum weight should be 2 pounds.
  • Load sensing – This is one of the newer features. It allows your car buffer to measure how much pressure is being put on a car so it can adjust speed accordingly.
  • Price – As with everything, you want to try to find the best polisher for the budget you have, while still not sacrificing quality.

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