Best RV Conventional/Inverter Generators of 2017 | Buying Guide


Best RV Generators

For your outdoor recreational activities, making a decision about your power needs should be based on factors such as the length of time you plan to spend, the number of appliances to power as well as the availability of fuel. The latter consideration is central to the debate over which is better for use: Generators or Inverters.

RV Generator vs Inverter

The answer depends on which side of the energy conservation divide you are on. If you are for optimal power generation that is obtained from available fossil fuels, then using a generator will serve you in good stead. However, if you desire a cleaner and a more eco-friendly mode of generating power, then the inverter will be your pick.

Whatever the divide you fall under, the following tips should guide your purchase of either a generator or an inverter:

  • Determine your wattage needs and choose the appropriate power rated generator/inverter.
  • Establish your budget and look for a power generating set that offers as much value for your money.
  • Look out for included items and services such as extra power cords, extra wheels, small maintenance tools, after-sales support, and warranties.

Best Portable Conventional RV Generators

2. DuroMax XP4000S 7.0 HP Air Cooled Portable RV Generator, 4000-watt

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For the generator buff who loves a little bit of ingenuity in his/her product, then the Duro Max XP4000s is the ideal generator. It takes innovation up a notch, with its air-cooled engine system. Other compelling features of the Duro Max generator include a low-oil trip system that automatically shuts the engine down when the engine oil level drops.

It also comes with a unique four-point mount system that supports the engine separately, thereby ensuring a noiseless operation. An integrated alert system keeps a tab on the oil level, voltmeter reading, and power outlets. At full load capacity, the DuroMax XP4000s air-cooled generator will run for up to 8 hours.

At its cost price, the DuroMax air-cooled generator will tick all the right boxes for the cost-oriented customer.

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1. Champion Power Equipment 76533 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

Best RV Conventional/Inverter Generators of 2017 | Buying Guide41soe62B2BrCL For enthusiasts that want all the power that a generator can give without worrying about a lack of efficiency and control, then the Champion power generator will tickle your fancy.

It runs from two energy sources: GAS or PROPANE. Hence, you will never be stranded when either of them is unavailable. Its power rating assures that you can power up so many more devices, as it comes with starting and running wattages of 4,750 and 3,800 respectively. The generator is powered by a cutting-edge 224cc Champion engine complete with a touch/push-button electric start giving convenience at the push of a button.

With multiple power outlets of 120V 30A RV, 120V 30A interlocking two 120V 20A, the Champion generator allows you to power up a number of devices at the same time. A Volt guard surge arrestor that protects your appliances completes the icing on the cake.

Conclusively, the Champion 76533 3800-Watt Dual fuel generator is a middle of the range model that combines affordability with great functionality.

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Best Inverter Generators – Portable

3. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable Inverter Generator with (4) 120-Volt AC Outlets

Best RV Conventional/Inverter Generators of 2017 | Buying Guide51kdFHoAWPL If innovation and cutting-edge technology is the name of the game for you with inverters, then Briggs & Stratton’s PowerSmart portable inverter will rein you in. Its mouthwatering features are the industry’s standard of reference.

The inverter boasts of starting and running wattages of 3,000 and 2,600 respectively. It is also computer controlled and automatically modulates voltage supply to adjust to your power needs per time. It comes with multiple outlets that cater to the need of protecting your more sensitive electronic appliances.

The Power Smart series inverter also features patented 6-inch reinforced wheels that are suitable for any terrain. Another important functionality is its LCD display that keeps you informed about the state of your inverter. The inverter enables you to charge devices like tablets and cell phones by way of an integrated USB port; the first of its kind.

The Briggs & Stratton’s 30545 P3000 inverter generator is at the top of the price scale. However, you are rest assured that you have not wasted a penny with its alluring functional capabilities.

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2. Honda EU2000 Portable Inverter Generator Model EU2000T1A1

Best RV Conventional/Inverter Generators of 2017 | Buying Guide51ak34X5zvL If you have followed Honda’s story over the years, then this EU2000 portable inverter generator will tick the right buttons for you. This is not just, because it is a Honda product but also because its features are first class. To begin with, this inverter generator can power a number of appliances including a portable refrigerator or freezer, a microwave oven, a portable fan, a coffee maker, a computer as well as a TV/DVD player. With an engine decibel number pegged at 59 dBA, it operates noiselessly so you can get on with your activities without interference.

At less than 46 lbs, the Honda EU2000 portable inverter generator can be whisked away to anywhere without any hassles. Honda’s innovative inverter technology delivers over 8 hours of service time on a gallon of fuel. If and when you need more power, the Honda EU200 can be paired with a second generator to give you over 4,000 watts of stable power.

About a thousand dollars is no small price to pay for a generating set. However, the Honda EU2000 portable inverter more than makes up for the cost factor with its superior make-up and design functionality.

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1. Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator with Wireless Remote Start

Best RV Conventional/Inverter Generators of 2017 | Buying Guide41Z4bjJAlpL This one of a kind inverter matches functionality with great adaptability. For your recreational power needs without undue noise and interference, this inverter generator has to be your choice.

One of the most endearing qualities of the Champion power equipment was the remote start feature. It has starting and running wattages of 2,800 and 3,100 respectively; hence, you can be assured that your appliances are in safe hands. A low- oil trip system automatically shuts down the equipment. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of power generation at 25 percent load carrying capacity. A patented spark arrestor protects your appliances from damage.

This Champion inverter generator will deliver on your most basic power needs, even at that extra premium dollar that you part with for it.

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The models for both generator and inverter power generating sets are good enough to be purchased for your power needs.

While you may consider powering a number of smaller electrical appliances with an inverter generator, larger electronic gadgets will be better served with a generator set.

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